The 3DS Circle Pad Pro Is Coming To Australia

The new 3DS Slide Pad peripheral, the Circle Pad Pro, which provides the 3DS with a second slide controller, is now available in Japan — but we can now confirm that it will be available in Australia at some point in 2012, most likely in January 2012 to coincide with the release of Resident Evil: Revelations.

The above Slide Pad image shows both the Austick and the Australian Company Number of Nintendo Australia, all but confirming that the controversial peripheral will be released here.

Nintendo Australia's ACN number can be clearly seen on the pic: 060 566 083.

We've contacted Nintendo for official confirmation and will update this story when we receive comment.

Thanks Choc!


    Surely I wasn't the only one that saw it coming?

    That's not particularly surprising, though is it? I'd have been more surprised if they weren't releasing it here.

    It looks horrible.

      yeah, because he 3DS looks so chic to begin long as it does a job who cares if it's not laced with diamonds ;-)

        The 3ds actually has a very asthetically pleasing 'layered cake' design.

        I am super not excited for this because, as people said, it looks ugly. I would rather play with a single circle pad than pull out this monstrosity on the train. Not to mention it wouldn't fit in my standard 3DS case anymore

    I bet it will be region-locked.

      its not

        I'm pretty sure that was a dig at 3DS region locking in general.


            Do not be surprised if it does turn out to be region locked anyway.

            This is Nintendo after all - they are just as know for their games as they are for iron fisted control over their products.

            In fact, one could almost say Nintendo is Japan's answer to Apple.

    Is it weird the main reason im excited for this is that it will give me more real estate for my hands? I love my 3DS, but much like the DS Lite, it's a little small and makes my hands cramp up after a time - especially with Mario Kart 7, due to having to hold a button down for extended periods.

    Agreed, there'd be no reason to release it everywhere but here.

    Also, this has been tagged under "Ninteno" instead of "Nintendo".

    Available soon for 80 bucks. Or 70 if you trade in 3 of 5 selected recent releases.

    If its $20 like elsewhere, I will consider it, but still rather wait for revised console. Hell, this is Nintendo Australia we are talking about. Probably $50.

    i have one, ask me questions if you so desire :)

    No thanks... I dont need any more milking.

    Can't wait for this. I'm going to use it all the time, just so that the 3DS becomes comfortable to hold.

    Why didn't they just release the 3DS with dual analogue sticks in the first place?

      You can look at it in one of two ways either;

      1) Nintendo genuinely stuffed up. They thought they could secure sales of their system through their first party titles, all of which dont *need that second analogue stick. When they realised it wasnt working they found a fix to bring in the big fish like the Monster Hunter series until the system gets an update later down the track.

      or ( and this is where it gets scary)

      2) Nintendo knew and planned this from the start. Release an incomplete product and patch it with an added peripheral until an updated console gets released later down the track. Owners of the original want to update so they trade it in and buy the new one. From a Business perspective it is a Win / Win for Nintendo.

      If you look at the original DS there is about an 18 month to 2 year window between each hardware update. This all sounds pretty negative but it wouldnt surprise me if the the latter is far from the truth.

        It's #1

    OH GOD!!


      If I find a game that I really want that uses it, I'll buy it. Simple as that.

      To point: I still don't have a MotionPlus. Might get Skyward Sword and one, though.

    It will be 30 bucks or free with Res Evil for 70.
    You heard it here first.

    Nintendo you can stick it. I sold all my 3DS hardware and games towards a Vita preorder. You think I'm going to buy this shit so I can use dual thumbsticks for this game, and feel disadvantaged if I don't? F Off.

      Well done. You really showed that billion dollar company.
      I agree the lack of 2 thumbsticks at launch was a stupid idea but i can guarantee the 3ds will end up selling more than the vita.

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