The 3DS Has Just Become The Fastest Selling Console In Australian History

The 3DS Has Just Become The Fastest Selling Console In Australian History

For months my 3DS lay gathering dust, to the extent that, when Super Mario 3D Land arrived on my desk, I openly wondered where I’d actually put the bloody thing. It had been so long since I’d seen it, let alone played the thing. Now I’m back to playing regularly and, in the wake of some solid software launches, the 3DS seems to be back on track in a very big way.

Nintendo Australia has just sent us a release stating that, 37 weeks after its launch, the 3DS has reached 200,000 sales more quickly than any previous console released in this country. That’s faster than the Nintendo Wii, faster than the original DS even.

This follows news from Japan that the 3DS, with the release of the latest Monster Hunter title, has its best week yet in terms of sales.

Could it be that the 3DS crisis is over?

It’s difficult to say. But if Nintendo can continue releasing a stream of top titles on the console I can only see it going from strength to strength. Software clearly is the key here. With a lacklustre line up for most of 2011, it was difficult to muster any interest in the Nintendo 3DS. Now an affordable price, combined with a handful of AAA releases has propelled the handheld to a solid Christmas effort.


  • Upon release I had very little interest in the 3DS, but since the price drop, I’ve been very tempted to pick one up. If Nintendo remake ‘Majora’s Mask’ I will buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Or it could be the banks handing out credit limit increases loosly due to the new credit reform legislation prohibiting offers being banned unless you expressly agree to be offered.

  • Tempted as I have been to pick up a 3DS recently, I cannot help but think that there is a revised model on the way, ala DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL etc. Perhaps one with the so called circle pad pro built in?

  • I must admit I’m surprised.

    With a solid showing on the Virtual Console, this could have been a must own. Nintendo’s glacial approach to e-Commerce is enough to drive me mad.

    • Uh, do you own a 3ds? Mine is overflowing with awesome virtual console games. Considering I’m a day one buyer, ten classic gba games are coming my way tomorrow too. I have never regretted buying my 3DS. Couldn’t be happier with it to be honest. And with great upcoming games like resident evil and kid icarus just weeks away, things will just keep getting better

      • Had one since launch.

        Really? Overflowing? I applaud your optimism, but my buyer’s remorse is only now starting to fade. Fire Emblem brought the happy into my life, along with Metroid Fusion. Super Mario 3D Land was also a welcome addition to what has so far been a lacklustre software library.

        There are good times ahead, but my freaking word have I had to be patient!

  • Ive been playing it more aswell since SM3DL came out. Even taking it with me for the streetpass hits again. Still need to get the new Mario Kart, heard it has really good online play.

    • I’ve been taking my 3DS with me to work again.

      Three Streetpass hits total, all since I bought MK7. Two are from my housemate.

  • What does the handheld offer to gamers that aren’t into Mario and Zelda? Yes, I understand that it’s Nintendo, but what would you say that a person not interested in their franchises to get them to buy it?

    • what would you say to a person not interested in their franchises

      You’d say “You uncultured swine, you”

    • I’m wondering this as well. I didn’t grow up with Mario so I find the Mario games leave me pretty cold, and I’ve played Ocarina of Time through before several times. Does the system have anything else, or is it still the usual Nintendo issue where the bulk of the worthwhile games are their own franchises? What are people actually playing on the system aside from the Nintendo stuff?

      • My top 3 3DS games played by time are as follows:
        Samurai Warriors Chronicles – 57hrs
        Ocarina of Time – 23hrs
        Mario 3D Land – 22hrs

        Mainly it’s Nintendo franchises, but we should be seeing more non-Ninty games soon (Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid 3, Monster Hunter Tri, etc).

  • It’s us who are living in the bubble, the sort of sites I go to for 3DS stuff have all been dire and grim and it wore off on me – for a big while I didn’t play my launch 3DS even though I kept buying (3DS and DS) games for it

    I’ve darted between the Dr Mario game on DSIWare and a few virtual console titles I’ve had on there for ages, good titles that just sat on the thing until now. All because of the new lease of life it got from Mario Land/Kart.

    I’m actively taking a break from Mario Land, I felt I was rushiing through it. Also it was stealing me away from Zelda Skyward Sword.

    • I don’t think it was just the price that was hurting it…I think it was also just the general lack of software for the system.

      The $100 price drop combined with the double whammy of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 helped them a lot…Christmas would also be helping drive those sales up (I can see a lot of folks getting a 3DS for Xmas)

      I think as is the case for any system…your system is only as good as your software…and finally Nintendo have some pretty damn good games that are worth actually buying the system for. The price may have been a factor as to why it wasn’t selling, but I think more importantly it was the lack of ganes. It was the lack of any compelling to spend $350

      • *sorry…this was meant to be a reply for Sam…in regards to “Sony need to aggresively price the PS Vita”…but I replied to the wrong person

  • It’s probably the key to any console or handheld, the games. Although MS and Sony have created devices that cater beyond games, they are still primary a gaming machine. Or an expensive DVD/Blu-Ray player.

    The 3DS was bound to make a comeback, it was just a matter of when. Of corse the price-drop helped, but Nintendo may not have been in the pickle that they’re in if they actually released a steady lineup upon launch. They could’ve still implemented a smaller price drop before the Holiday Season and we could’ve still read this very article, possibly with more units sold.

    Although I don’t own any Nintendo devices these days except my N64, I’m more for their handhelds these days. At least they get it right hardware speaking. I hope they’ve learnt their lesson and getting their flagship titles out their to create that interest and crazy rush the consumers and fans wanna see. It wouldn’t be Nintendo without it?!

    What shocked me the most really, was that even Japan didn’t cave into rushing out for the device which really unlike them fanboys. Besides the gimmick of 3D, the 3DS genuinely deserves to be successful and sell probably more than the DS – they just need that extra d-pad permanently on there!

  • For $200, I think the 3DS is actually worth the money. There are only 4 games that I’d personally buy for it, but when you think of the supposed line up for next year, that’s what will really make it shine.

    The Vita will really have to be aggressive in Australia if it wants to survive. The 3DS was doing bad enough at $350 at launch, I’d hate to imagine how the Vita would do at upto $450 and an extra estimated $150-$200 for a 32GB memory card.

  • Mine sat largely unused for months. Then last week I got Super mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 delivered. On the same day. That combined with that amazing impending ambassador GBA list, it’s going to get even more use.

    He’s just a late bloomer, is all!

  • Good to read this. Just goes to show how a strong software lineup can change a consoles outlook. I guess the Price cut helped as well.

    Hopefully the vita launch is successful as well given their strong software lineup announcements.

  • It’s great now that it has some games.

    But once I’ve found every last thing in 3D Land and gotten bored with Mario Kart 7 the thing will be dead again until Resident Evil Revelations and Luigi’s Mansion 2 come out.

  • Just got my Zelda 3DS this week with OoT – Absoloutely love it, was defintely tempting after the price drop.

    Will be grabbing Super Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart once I’ve finished with OoT.

    And yes, they need to remake and re-release Majora’s Mask!

  • It’s amazing what compelling games can do for your system 🙂

    Hey I’m happy…I bought one of these things at launch and was sincerely regretting…but thankfully Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 have wiped out most of those thoughts (well besides my thought on how stupid the “Slide Pad Pro” Expansion is)

  • I would have to say im the same, it sitted next to my v1 PsP gathering dust till Super Mario came out now its back in my bag for my daily trips to work. Just hope Nintendo can release titles decent enough for it to say in my bag.

  • There never was a crisis. The system always sold well. Journalists were just bitter because the one they bought was sitting around doing nothing.

    • Post-price drop yes. If what you are saying were true, the price would still be rrp $350.

      That said, good on Ninty for turning things around. I doubt I’ll buy one, as I’ve really embraced the mobile scene, but its good that they still have a presence.

  • I picked one up a couple of weeks ago because of SM3DL and have taken it travelling with me. Apart from the truly disappointing battery life I have thoroughly enjoyed the console so far. Will pick up MK7 when I get to Berlin next week I think as I am nearly finished SM3DL.

  • Fastest Selling Console In Australian History is abit misleading as it only counts at the 37th week after release of the system. Its not like it was the 36th or 35th week. These bogus titles make no sense because by this logic any company can say my product was the fastest seller at week 3 or week 18. Should just be number of units sold to date for everthing for a highest selling produt title not a fastest.

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