The Amazing, Exploded Mass Effect 3 N7 Pistol

This replica N7 pistol from upcoming Bioware game Mass Effect 3 was created for the Child's Play Charity auction by reader Bill Doran.

Doran, who makes custom weapon props and customs, says he based the replica on a single reference image he found and then worked with the M5 Phalanx as a jumping off point.

The gun was built with scraps of foam PVC, epoxy and Bondo. Like his Battlestar Galactica Colonial Handgun creation, the N7 was built in layers of foam PVC. After the shaping, patching and putting together, Doran painted the gun with a paintbrush and airbrush. The result is astounding.

Mass Effect 3 N7 Pistol [Punished Pixels]


    Gold!! , of note for same charity is the stuff done by Mr Harrison Krix of Volpin props (has done ME guns b4) which included a fully functional (lights and noises) portal gun last year and a Gravity gun this year and some massively cool Daft Punk helmets that boggle the mind.

    volpinprops dot blogspot dot com

    i made my own me3 gun check it out

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