The Best Part Of Fighting Games? The Stupid Quotes.

There's a charm to fighting games that's irresistible. I mean, aside from all the face-punching, the character rosters are usually insane, and there's a tongue-in-cheek vibe that runs deep through most titles in the genre.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the stupid little quotes you get after a match in most games.

From Street Fighter to King of Fighters, World Heroes to Galaxy Fight, for me they've long been the highlight of the entire experience, a much-needed injection of humour and stupidity in a genre otherwise defined by little else but twitch reflexes.

These images come from one of my favourite Tumblr sites around, Eben Frostey's bison2winquote. While heading over there will get you a flood of post-match quotes from fighting games new and old, I've tried to stick to the old ones here, not just because this is a history feature but because they tend to be more lolwhut than recent titles.

Bison II's Winquote Dump [Tumblr]

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    Maybe I'm lazy, but I can't read all the quotes in the pictures and I couldn't be stuffed clicking to enlarge every single one.

    Last one's pretty good though.

    lololol! So good! Reminds me though of how great those character portraits were in some of those games...

    You should fix the formatting on these, can't even read the quotes.

    The best part about this article is it's about quotes that nobody can read

    You can click the images to see them in their entirety.

    I think Sodom's line is my favourite.

    cant read the quotes, cant be bothered opening each one - good work

    every time i see the word Johnson or johnny it all ways have to do with someones p****us

    Haha the moustache one is hilarious. Good article.

    The Dan Hibiki one is an inside joke at his creation.

    I lol'd at the 'Johnson' one... immediately thought of Big Lebowski

    "You don't even rank in the weenie category"

    "Don't touch my moustache" is a word play on "douitashimashite", which means "you're welcome" in Japanese. The more you know!

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