The Biggest News From 2011...In LEGO Form

Celebrating the year that was a little early (a lot can happen in two weeks!), Britain's The Guardian newspaper has compiled a gallery of images showing the biggest news from 2011. Recreated as LEGO dioramas.

It's a cute, if slightly desensitising way to depict the assassination of Bin Laden, the toppling of Gaddafi and global protests over financial inequality, though a LEGO Royal Wedding looks just perfect.

Shame there wasn't more game news in there. No LEGO lines of people waiting for Modern Warfare 3? No LEGO 3DS launch? No LEGO AT&T Vita boo?

2011 in Lego: the year's news - in pictures [The Guardian]


    weres the lego obama police state ......... great news wank wank wank

    Those were actualy really good especially the Royal Wedding one.

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