The Cosplayers Of The 2011 Asia Game Show

From December 23-26, the Asia Game Show rolled through Hong Kong. The show is in its tenth year and this year, it featured the PS Vita in full force, cosplayers, booth companions and a "Female Entertainment Area".

With it now Dec. 27 in Asia, Kotaku looks back, with photos courtesy of reader Stu. Thanks, Stu!

Some notable cosplays include Assassin's Creed, Sengoku Basara, and Iron Man. With a suitcase.

To see the larger pics in all their glory, just click on them!


    Asians do the best Shogun 2 cosplay. I haven't yet figured out why yet...

    That war machine is so cool. Gorgeous women too but hey its asia!

    Wait, was one of them dressed up as pedobear?

    I'd comment on the girls, but i'm certain theres some boys in there crossplaying.

      if there are, at least they look better then some of the female whales in tights you get in Australia ;p

        Haha so true. But seriously those girls are smoking, love asiangirls :-)

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