This Crappy Developer Has No Brains (Or Giant Balls)

Top Best Adult Entertainment. It's not a name that springs to mind alongside the likes of Nintendo, Blizzard, Valve or BioWare, and there's a reason for that. This is one of the worst developers in the world.

Not because they put out bad games, though that certainly helps. It's because of the lies they dress their bad games up in.

A ripped-off reader pointed us towards Top Best's catalogue earlier today, and it makes for grim reading. Well, hilarious reading initially, until you remember people are being tricked into paying money for this company's games.

Selling its wares on Apple's App Store, Top Best offers a number of titles, among them Craft - Build Terrain, Zanda - Linked Swords and MoonCRAFT Mine. Zanda is such a shameless Zelda rip-off it's a wonder Nintendo's crack para-lawyers haven't already put a stop to it, but it's the two Craft games that are the real problem.

Both sell themselves as Minecraft clones. Again, that's OK! As we've shown you, some of those can actually be quite good if you give them the chance. Top Best's games aren't even Minecraft clones, though. They're something worse.

On both games' store pages, screenshots are shown of what look like Minecraft clones, using screens that are almost impossible to distinguish from the actual Minecraft game available on the iPhone. Upon buying the $US2 games, though, users find that instead they've been sold a crude and awful 2D platformer.

"Wow. This is NOT what I expected at all" writes one disgruntled purchaser. "Instead of being a MC styled game, this is simply a 2D black and white jumping game with a Minecraft picture gallery."

So Top Best include a gallery of Minecraft images, which they can then say constitute the provided screenshots, only for the actual game to be nothing of the sort. Then when people demand their money back, they...well, whaddya know, Top Best don't have a website.

Now, we could get angry at this arsehole developer, but you know what, the world is full of dogs, and you can't blame a dog for barking. Those ripped off by these arseholes should instead be angry with Apple.

The company's approvals process for the App Store has long been a source of frustration for developers, but this is taking the piss. If Apple wants to have full control over what appears on its store then it has to assume full responsibility for the content that makes it through. And this making it through makes you question whether they're even looking at these things before approving them, let alone playing them.

With no developer website, no support (the "support" link on Top Best's pages just go to and games that are either being sold as a lie or, in Zanda's case, aren't even finished products (it crashes after the first rudimentary level), Top Best Adult Entertainment are a developer to be avoided at all costs.

The fact they are a developer at all, though, lies at the door of Apple, who more than ever really need to sort the App Store out. Because it's supposedly controlled by Apple, consumers place a basic level of trust in the company that they're being dealt with honestly and fairly in the store. Stuff like this will quickly erode that trust.


    Doesn't IOS Appstore have a time-limited, no-questions-asked refund policy in place? I know it's not for everyone, but most people do boot up the game once it's installed for a spin.

    So much crap cropping up on the Appstore now, like that $6 Vietnamese "beautiful witches" game with the crudest MS Paint you've ever seen.

    Pretty sure the Apple approval process is only rooting out porn apps.

      This. I think that's Apple's sole goal with the approval process, don't think they care if a game is good anymore, they just want to filter things out.


      The android market has refunds. I don't think anyone has ever gotten a refund from the apple store.

        +1 for Android Market refunds. A 15 minute window is plenty of time to find out if you've been ripped off or not.

          Lol, I don't have an iOS anything (I loathe Apple and all of their products) but I just assumed they had a refund policy similar to the android market. The fact they don't is laughable. Yet another reason why Apple sucks (not that I needed another reason to hate them).

        Actually, 3 (4?) of the 7 people who forked out $1000 each for the "I Am Rich" app got a full refund.

        I just read an article on the IOS refund process as I've always assumed it was like Androids (never made an IOS refund before) and you have to fill out a form and email it to Apple which sounds awfully complicated.

        Apple's approval is only for filtering out sexual content and stability issues. There's virtually no quality control once you pass those two barriers.

    I've had a refund from Apple for an "office" app that didn't work as advertised. I got a refund immediately. So just ask for the refund, what's the big deal?

    Even the name of the company is designed to show up in searches
    Like the Google equivalent of "AAA Aardvark"

    This is what killed Atari. Hundreds of turds being released under the banner to unsuspecting customers. If Apple doesn't get a hold on this the App Market will crash.

    Morale of the Story?

    Do your research before buying cheap IOS games.

    Vincent; The big deal is the false advertising and the dishonesty. The game page shows it to be a minecraft style game, just released and discounted for early buyers and shows pictures of what could be a minecraft clone as if that's the game. The pics are of course in the game under the gallery heading. It's criminal surely.

    This article is bullshit.

    The truth is it is a question of piracy, whether it be the shameless theft of IP or a malicious program disguised as a game (Android, anyone?) You can't blame the host. No-one TRULY mounted the moral soapbox when Nintendo fell victim to the 30 in 1 gameboy catridges - or the R4 chip. Theft of content is theft of content and the lesson history constantly teaches us is that no one (member of the public) really cares when it renders them better off... People will consistently attempt to extract money from you by selling stolen goods. I agree wholeheartedly that it's wrong not to hold theives accountable. But to liken Apple to the black market of IP theft is daft, immature and frustrating when so many more blatant examples exist currently and historically.

    Crappy article. Sorry.

    the maker of craft-build terrain is scum, worse than scum, worse than luke plunkett's articles...

    Would Mojang be able to sue? They're obviously minecraft screenshots...

    You guys are fucking arseholes, why do you need to criticize every little thing on this website. This article was fine and raised a good point.

    Top Best Adult Entertainment are crooks and it sucks Apple hasn't done much in the way of stopping things like this happening.

      First off, I didn't criticize the website. I criticized a sub par article for offsetting blame, failing to achieve a compelling point and reminding me sadly of a mother blaming a game vendor for her inability to chose an appropriate product. A game called Zanda Linked Swords is OBVIOUSLY a zelda copy. How is it Apple's duty to ensure people aren't too stupid to work that out by themselves? It's like buying a fake watch in central Asia.. Like a BOLEX or a SEIKA.. You KNOW it won't be as good.

      Calling us arseholes proves... These two things. A.) You suffer from terrible PMS - my sympathies B.) You'd rather attempt to insult another reader as opposed to come up with any semblance of an intelligent point on your own.. Likely to be due to the fact that you can't.

      Peace :)

    Wow, wish I had an iphone

    the applie filter reminds me of the good old 'nintendo seal of quality' or whatever it is (was?)

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