The Giant Rainbow Super Mario In Just Dance 3 Is Slightly Disturbing

The Just Dance series is the kind of red-hot gaming franchise that can pull in a guest character like Nintendo's Super Mario. But who knew that such a combo would be so... colourful.

Behold the sight of Mario dancing in the Wii version of Just Dance 3. No, you are not on drugs right now.

The Mario track will be issued as a downloadable add-on in the U.K. this week. It costs 250 Wii Points. We're checking with Ubisoft to see if it's coming to America too. But speaking of Super Mario popping up in games you wouldn't expect him to appear in...

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach in EA's NBA Street

Mario in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Mario just barely in Konami/Nintendo/SiliconKnight's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


    Can't watch the video, but the only song I want to see Mario dancing to is 'The Mario;.

    Swing your hips from side to side...

    For some reason i think of the teletubbies when i see that video lol.

      Best idea for there next game for kids Just Dance with the teletubbies or wiggles.

    I have the 360 version, dammit. >_< I was sick of my cousin cheating on the wii one.

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