The Great Nintendo Family Portrait

Artist Luis Carrasquillo sent us this amazing piece to share, which includes just about every major Nintendo hero (or hero appearing on a Nintendo console) there's ever been.

At 4000x, it's only wallpaper for the more hardcore among you, so for everyone else, it's like a Where's Waldo/Wally. Only, with Marios everywhere.

If you want to cheat and find them all, Luis has listed them all on his Deviant Art page.


    OMG Shizzzle. Are we celebrating Christmas again? Because this is just friggin' brilliant!

    If I didn't pick wallpapers based on how my desktop is set up (widgets and such), this would be my new wallpaper.

    Slippy? You said heroes, not fags in distress.

    Wtf is Sonic doing in there?

    Pretty much ruined it for me.

      Because Sonic appears on the Wii, whether or not he is a Sega character, just like Pac-Man appears on the Xbox even though he was created long before Microsoft

    I wouldnt call it a Nintendo portrait with Sonic, Rayman and Megaman in name a few.

      Add to that all the 3rd party characters. I was expecting it to be all Nintendo IP characters, not characters from every Nintendo console.

    This was made awesome by the Elite Beat Agents in the middle.

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