The Great PS Vita Size Comparison

Is the PS Vita bigger than the Nintendo 3DS? What about bigger than an orange? Or an Ultraman figure? These pressing questions and more. Kotaku put the PS Vita, a Vita game card, a Vita game box and a Vita memory card through the paces, seeing how the new portable sized up to various objects.

The one surprising thing was just how small the memory card is. It can fit inside a ring! Check out the comparisons in the below gallery.


    So I'm not the only one with a PSPgo xD

    Use rulers in the photos to give scale. Otherwise size comparisons are useless.

      But you know the size of the 3ds and an iphone. your post about needing a ruler is pointless.

    Geez, I do hope they have a good way of storing those memory cards because I can see myself easily losing one. They're tiny!

      This hasn't been confirmed yet but apparently they'll fit inside the PSP Vita!

    Oh good, I think I have almost the same Ultraman figure sitting at home, so I can imagine how big it will be. But if that figure isn't the same size as mine (which is probably the case) then Brian has just screwed over everyone with Ultraman figures!

    Lol, Ultraman size comparison.

    I like the size of the Vita, though I think the game cartridges are getting a little small. I used to think the GBA cartridge was small, then the DS came out :S Now this!

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