The Guy Who Made GTA IV Look This Gorgeous Is Hard At Work On Modding Skyrim

The Icenhancer graphic mod for Grand Theft Auto IV turns Rockstar's game into something some could mistake for film, rather than a video game.

And now Hayssam Keilany says he is working on a mod to turn the sometimes jagged world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim into a similar moving masterpiece.

Keilany dropped a few images on his Facebook page earlier this week showing off a much improved Skyrim and hinting at the coming of some mod work.

"More informations tomorrow or later on the forum. If you guys have question about the Skyrim one. Taking a break of GTA4 modding for few days, but still creating textures is kinda long. (trees, grass,etc)"


    Oh look, he modded Skyrim to have Battlefield lighting effects.

      Sadly not; it's just a different sunglare sprite. And a beautiful flora texture update. No new lighting tech.

    Might have to re-install Skyrim (who am I kidding? I need to do that anyway).

    what abouts saints row 3? :(

      The entire Saints Row series need to go die in a fire not get a graphics update.

        Saint's Row is what GTA should have been ( and was in the early years ).

          So true!

    My copy of Skryrim is already modded beyond recognition, but those screen shots look awesome.

    I think Skryrim will be one of those games I keep on my HDD long after I finish it just to see what it looks and plays like with different mods.

      I'm not aware there is much available for Skyrim, but I'm kind of new to it and haven't hiuted around much.

      Care to let me know what you've installed?

        Me too, I'm keen to see what people are using to make a beautiful game even more so.

        Head over to ...more than enough mods there to get you started. Super easy to install and remove too if you change your mind.

        Umm..... here goes.
        Vals crafting Meltdown
        QD Inventory
        Immersive HUD
        Glowing Ore Veins
        Reduce object splash
        Enhanced night sky
        No more blocky faces
        Detailed faces/lips/hands
        Detailed bodies
        High Quality Eyes
        FXXA Post Process Injection
        Poison/potion retexture
        Skyrim Flora Overhaul
        Serious HD Retexture Landscape Skyrim
        Chris's Whiterun HQ Textures
        Enhanced Distant Terrain
        Enhanced Horse Skins
        Realistic Water Textures
        Skyrim HD -2K Textures
        HD Furniture
        Immersive Skyrim Thunder
        Improved NPC clothing
        Skyrim Sunglare

        I got all these mods and a few more from Skyrim Nexus.
        I've also edited the .ini file for more shadows, more grass, longer high quality object view distance.

          With all those it doesn't as good as those screen shots, so this one looks worth the wait.


            I don't see how adding the sun lense flare adds to realisim----- when you look at the sky you don't see haexagonal artifacts in your vision. everything else though can't wait for it!!

        Don't forget the Middle Earth role playing MOD that is being ported from Oblivion to skyrim as we speak.

    "Hard at work" what? All he does is make config files for ENBSeries.

      Keep in mind that he isn't getting payed for this and is doing it in his spare time.
      I also don't see any mention of you doing anything like this so I kindly suggest you stfu and/or gtfo.

      Anyway, this looks freaking brilliant. Looking forward to it being released.

        Haha, you just got slapped, dip shit.

        Haha, you just got slapped, dipshit.

      Oh cool...

      Can you send me a link to download your mod? It's obviously gonna be far better than this guy's if you're critiquing it.

      Seriously, be more jelly.

    Make is 10/10 game go all the way to 11 baby!

    I'm surprised this guy hasn't been hired by a developer, geez. That Skyrim mod looks fantastic.

      i know right and he is doing it without the time or the backing of a team and a developer

      Actual developers are able to do what he's doing on PC too. But because of consoles and system requierments they aren't able to impliment these amazing graphics.

    We nee to get this man working on Minecraft. NOW>

    this looks amazing! i can't wait to try it out when u get it all done. i've just built a new system a month ago and i think this will be a good test for it :)

    Gaaaah it's times like these when I wish I had a gaming PC to play Skyrim instead of my PS3...but I do love my PS3.

    this guy really needs to start working for minecraft.

    Heard he is going to do a mod for Minecraft to make it texturally more beautiful.

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