The Japanese PlayStation Vita Launch From Lining Up To Stripping Down

Over the weekend Sony unleashed the next evolution of portable gaming on Japan, and Kotaku was there. Here's our complete coverage of the Japanese PlayStation Vita launch, from queuing up to booting up and beyond.

The launch kicked off early Saturday in Japan, where eager Sony fans gathered en masse for their chance at bringing home this portable powerhouse.

Then our own embedded Japanese reporter Brian Ashcraft got his hands on a unit, and the parade of videos and commentary began, and while he stopped short of tearing the unit apart, other internet denizens had that covered.

Check out the full range of Kotaku's PlayStation Vita Japan launch coverage below! It's just like being there.

PS Vita Launches in Japan. Did People Wait for It?

After being revealed earlier this year, the PS Vita, Sony's PlayStation Portable successor, finally launched in Japan.

This past October, pre-orders kicked off, with folks lining up early to reserve their Vita. More »

Unboxing the PS Vita

Today the PS Vita went on sale today in Japan. Let's check out what's in the box.

The unit I have is a review sample. Full disclosure: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan sent it, hence the SCE labels on it. More »

The Great PS Vita Size Comparison

Is the PS Vita bigger than the Nintendo 3DS? What about bigger than an orange? Or an Ultraman figure?

These pressing questions and more. Kotaku put the PS Vita, a Vita game card, a Vita game box, and a Vita Memory Card through the paces, seeing how the new portable sized up to various objects.

The... More »

Watch as a PS Vita Boots Up for the First Time

Today the PS Vita went on sale Japan. One also arrived at my house! And in this video, I fire it up for the first time.

The PS Vita, Sony's successor to the PlayStation Portable, will launch in the in North America and Europe on Feb. More »

If You're Getting a PS Vita, You Better Not Bite Your Nails

Earlier, Kotaku did a PS Vita size comparison to show not only the machine's size, but also the memory card's and the game card's size. In this video, my nimble fingers stick tiny cards in slots and then pull them out. More »

See a PlayStation Vita Skinned Alive, so the Internet Can See its Insides

If you're at all squeamish about seeing naked electronics, with chips and wires lying exposed in broad daylight, go elsewhere and make yourself a cup of tea. More »

Which Is Faster: Vita Game Cards or Vita Downloads?

With the PlayStation Vita, you can buy retail game card games or download digital versions from the PlayStation Store. It's your call. But before you do, there's something you should know: More »

Testing Out Vita's Near. In the Back of a Car.

Near is a PS Vita app that searches for PS Vitas in the vicinity, and then lets you know how many people are playing the Vita, what games others are playing, and what their opinions are. More »

PS Vita Freeze and Touch Screen Issues

Whenever new hardware launches, whatever it is, there are problems. The PS Vita is new hardware, and while I haven't experienced any hardware issues, others have. More »

How Does the PS Vita's Screen Stack Up to the PSP's?

For those wondering just how pretty the PS Vita's OLED screen is (it's really pretty!), check out how it compares with the PSP Slim's screen, which is no slouch itself. More »

Time To Tour the PS Vita Store!

Got fifteen minutes? Because that's how long YouTube user dodgykebaab spends going through the PlayStation Network's PS Vita Store. It's viewable on the PS3, if you have a Japanese PSN account. More »

The PS Vita Compared to a PSP, a DS Lite, a Micro, a Game Gear....

And more. If this doesn't give you an idea of how big the PS Vita is, perhaps comparing it to Ultraman would help?

ゲームギアからPSVitaまで新旧さまざまな携帯ハードの大きさを比較してみた [はちま機構] More »

The PS Vita's Interface Is Simple, Elegant

One of the things that is impressing me most about the PS Vita isn't just the hardware. It's the software that powers the machine. It's just as beautiful as the OLED screen on which it's displayed. More »


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