The Lich King Is Ready To Battle Your Recycling Bin

He is Arthas Menethil. The Lich King. Scourge of Azeroth and star of his own World of Warcraft expansion.

And today, courtesy of Chinese artist Chao Yuan Xu, also a nice new wallpaper for the WoW-loving gamer's desktop.

Arthas Menethil, the Lich King [DeviantArt, via Coolvibe]


    Nice WP but not sure what the title means...

      i think it's a 'subtle' hint that the author doesn't like WoW.

        I thought it just meant he's going to battle your recycling bin, because it's on the desktop.

    Nice, but the Lick King already lost the battle with my recycling bin :)

      Lich* >.<


    Wow really, KotakUS is so deprived of coming up with any content that they are doing Wallpaper highlight's now

      boo hoo, I swear to god if I read one more snarky comment about the free content that's provided at kotaku I'm gonna take your goddamn sweet roll.

        These guys say they're journalists, but when you see crappy stuff (I won't say this is too terrible, because it's a pretty cool wallpaper) it's hard to agree with them.

        It's a shame when Kotaku AU is so brilliantly done that Kotaku US so often posts crap.

    1 image + 2 lines....

    Iv seen better posts on Tumbler :/

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