The Mysterious Wii U Launch Window Narrows

Last winter, Nintendo revealed that the Wii U, its upcoming new home console, would be released sometime between April and December 2012. That big window of time just got a smidgen shorter.

According to Japanese website Inside Games, Nintendo stated that the Wii U is slated to go on sale between next June and the end of 2012. Granted, only a few months separate April and June, but it does narrow the gap. Somewhat.

Nintendo will be showing off the Wii U at this year's CES convention in Las Vegas, a show, that CNET pointed out, Nintendo traditionally skips. The Wii U will be in demo form at the show, which is in January.

A release date will most likely be revealed at the year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, which is in, wait for it, June.

The Wii U is Nintendo's next-gen console, and it features high-def graphics and a large tablet controller.

Wii Uは来年6~12月に発売 [Inside Games]

Image: Chris Pizzello/AP


    Banking on November personally so they can cash in on the Christmas hype.

    It will be around Christmas time for sure, it's just good business.

    I still expect them to get it out as fast as possible, but after the lackluster 3DS affair, only if the games are ready..

    You better have Pikmin 3 hiding in the wings!!

    I hope the Wii U isn't the final name, nearly all of Nintendo's console were announced with a different name and then it was changed so I hope it is the same here.

      I agree. As has been mentioned many times before, Nintendo haven't done a "sequel" console before, so it makes sense that the name will change from Wii U to something completely different. I hope.

        Definitely agree, so many people think that the controller is just an add-on for the existing Wii, and the name isn't helping. I saw the same thing with the 3DS: a lot of people thought that it was just another version of the DS, like the DSi.


    I don't think anyone actually expected it to be released anytime before E3, so it's not much of a reveal.

    Who really cares? My Wii hasn't been touched for months, I doubt I'll ever buy another game for it. What does the Wii U offer? HD graphics? Another gimmicky control system? A tablet interface? Another version of Mario/Mario Kart/Zelda/Smash Bros etc etc. I think.I'll save my money for the next Xbox.

      And then what?

    Still think the Wii U has bad idea written all over it. I didn't think that about the Wii (despite the weird name) because the idea of playing a Zelda game and swinging the sword and whatnot was something I got instantly. I didn't see Wii Fit coming, but the idea of letting people participate more in their fantasies made sense. But the tablet controller? I don't see that (but I do see something that could be made to look very quickly like an embarassing gimmicky toy by the advances in "regular" tablets).

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