The New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Here!

The New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Here!

I know — video games, right? But come on… this is the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises for goodness sake!

I have to admit, I’m not the greatest fan of Christopher Nolan. I’ve enjoyed the Batman movies so far, but not to the extent of other folks, and I thought Inception was a bit mince. But, yeah, this trailer is schmexy.


    • Isn’t Talia Al Ghul technically a spoiler? I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed directly, but it certainly looks like it’ll be a twist in the movie. Also Riddler was never confirmed or considered for this movie.

      • It’s not the Riddler. JGL is playing a cop who sides himself with Batman. I don’t know the level of involvement his character has with the movie beyond he’s a named character but I’m betting he has something to do with the resolution of the movie…

        What I DO know is that Talia is in it, Bane is in it, Catwoman is in it, another villain is in it and makes a very significant cameo tied to at least 3 other names I’ve just said… 😉

        Falcones dead and gone apparently. Jokers NOT dead, is mentioned but not seen apparently? These are just going by Nolans own words and others who have worked on the film.

        Oh and the fact its an actual ending to the series, there will be no continuation to the series beyond this. WB is already looking at rebooting in a few years with a more comic-oriented Batman instead of a ”reality based” Batman. To be honest, I don’t mind that. Nolan gave us a brilliant real world Batman, lets find someone who can give us a BRILLIANT Comic bound Batman with all the fantastic that comes with a comic world.

  • Not the greatest fan of Christopher Nolan….
    Not a fan of Christopher Nolan…
    Does not like Christopher Nolan…
    Hates Christopher Nolan…


    • In all honesty, whether you like the plots themselves or not, I don’t see how you can dislike Christopher Nolan as a director, the man knows cinematography, pace and good acting at least as well, probably better than any of this generation’s directors.
      Excepting you’re the kind of person that likes Fast and the Furious …. you’re not are you Mark ? >_> Not sure I want to know 😛

      PS: He’s the freaking reason we get to see Michael Caine every couple of years, so many props for that alone!

  • How DARE you post something that is relevant to a wide range of readers who typically like games as well as comics!

    Be off with you!

    PS: Is this movie out today? No? ARSE!

  • This waiting 6+ months for a movie comes out is retarded. Give me a month of full on crazy hype instead please, I’m really over the dripfeed.

    Sadly I still fall into the trap, and am still hyped.

  • If you can find it, get a look at the 6 minute prologue with Bane and one of the best mid-air stunts I’ve ever seen. Some poor sods (Mainly the guy writing this post) went and saw mission impossible 4 with the misconception that they would be showing the dark knight rises prologue before it.


    Also, Bane sort of sounds like Pyro, in that you only really get to hear half of what he is saying.

  • I am very interested to see why you thought inception was mince. You cant just say that and not at least give us a reason Mark.

    • Are you ready for my boring controversial opinion?!

      I just thought it was a series of boring set-pieces held together with dull, pointless exposition.

      I wanted to like it. I even bought it on Blu-ray because I thought maybe I was just tired and grumpy when I saw it in the cinema. But, nah, just didn’t enjoy it.

      • I think Nolan is good at making movies that are better the second time you see them, namely Memento (one of my favourite movies) and the prestige. Inception falls into the need to watch twice category as well.

          • Pretty much this. They’re different films, I don’t really think one is better than the other, I personally like Prestige > Inception > Memento (he’s simply a better director now than when he did memento, as you’d expect from greater experience).

      • it’s funny, I had a minor concussion and hated the crap out of Batman Begins when I saw it in the cinema… didn’t help that we were also 2nd to front row, watching that movie 2nd to front row with a mild concussion was the suckiest thing ever.

      • I thought the opposite Mark! I thought the action scenes dragged and were not very inventive considering we are literally inside the infinite possibility of someones mind (and the coolest thing is shooting some guys on a snowmobile like an old Bond film?) and the exposition was the enjoyable part!

  • Hmm, sadly underwhelmed. 🙁 I will still be there lining up to watch this movie, but no longer hold out hope that it will match Batman Begins.

  • There were two “holy fuck” moments in that trailer for me, and it got me excited, but it didn’t feel like the best trailer ever.

    I need to lower my expectations for the movie, otherwise I’m going to only ‘like it’. 😛

  • My word, that movie looks like it’s going to be awesome.

    BTW – anyone who wants to point to my hissy fit in the Star Wars article earlier this morning, this post is different for two reasons:
    1. Mark acknowledged that this has nothing to do with games
    2. It’s Batman

  • So…. Batman:AC:The Movie? Could be good. Could also be really shit… we will have to wait and see how well it all works.

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