The New Gran Turismo 5 Is Called Spec II

Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 is getting an update. It's called Gran Turismo 5: Spec II.

Spec II is Gran Turismo 5 with the Online Update Ver.2.00, a free update which was released in October, included on the Blu-ray disc.

Spec II also comes with a product code so that players can download the "Complete Pack" downloadable content, which also hit in October. It was priced at ¥1,600 (US$21).

Gran Turismo 5: Spec II will be released on Feb. 2, 2012 for ¥4,980 ($64).


    This was package-worthy?

      Essentially it's like a GOTY edition I guess. I personally don't have landline internet so it would've cost a fortune for the data if I was to download it myself so this works for me.

        Yep, it’s a GOTY edition for shit games that don’t need or deserve them.

          ? wtf? thats a stupid comment, GT5 was awesome.

    umm, if this was aimed at people without internet to update, then why would you offer a online code and not just include the additional content. On well this can kinder be classed as a GOTY edition I guess with all the DLC at a low price.

    Tho at leas they aren't slapping on GOTY on the box, like South Peak does with there Two Worlds games. Yes southpeak, Two Worlds 2 totally got GOTY, wonder who gave it.

    We had to import Two Worlds 2, in Oz, just to have a go!

    GT5 was rubbish. I had very high hopes my love from the ps1 days would continue. I'll stick to my Forza thanks.

    Polyphony Digital have reached new lows.

    How about making the game better? Start with the AI...

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