The Next Metal Gear Game Is Brought To You By Bayonetta's Developers

It appears the trailer for the next Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Solid Rising, has leaked ahead of the Spike Video Game Awards. If it's real, it contains an interesting little conclusion.

The trailer ends with the revelation that Rising, which has long been out of the public eye, is now being "produced" by Hideo Kojima's own team, but is being developed by Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta.

While the trailer, which is full of gameplay footage, looks legit, since it hasn't been run yet at the show there's no way to know whether that conclusion is the real deal.

It would make for an interesting development if it is, though, seeing as Platinum looked into our eyes and told us that rumours suggesting this back in June were "not true".

UPDATE: It looks as though the trailer has been removed, since this is a leak after all, but as soon as we find another more stable version, we'll update the story.


    It is up on youtube. I imagine this will be banned or R18+ here. Pretty full on being able to actually cut people into pieces. Though the bit at the end with the watermelon was nice.

      thats old, the real footage is here:

        Video removed by User? Y U NO LEMME SEE VID?

    Considering that I'm playing through the MGS HD remakes, that trailer has made me feel a little shit.

    This might be a really fun Spinoff but this really doesn't have much of a metal gear vibe to it.

    im really dissapointed it just reminds me of vanquish, and nothing of any stealth or tactical gameplay from the MGS franchise.

    I'll admit the game play doesn't look very interesting, compared to what I'd expect from a Metal Gear title.

    Platinum Games' other titles were fun, but also rather simplistic.

    But the other thing that came to mind whilst watching this, seeing people getting chopped up any which way, was, "Am I going to have to import this?"

    Suffice it to say, it looks completely and utterly awful. :/

      Er... "revenge with a vengeance?"

      This game looks... disappointing. Actually, it looks like it will be total rubbish.

        Police... Cops... Police Cops.

    I can see why they took down the footage. This looks very poor; Platinum's touch is really showing, and it just doesn't cooperate with the vision we were presented at E3.

    Producing = Bankrolling the project, little input on the game.
    Despite this small beam of light, the game will still be shit.

    GAYYYYY, why the hell would you let plat work on it, that would be like the next mass effect game being put together with cliffy b at the helm.


    Madworld was crap, vanquish was boring, but bayonetta was one of the greatest games of all time, so if the gameplay is atleast half as good as Bayonetta I'm sold. My one complaint is that the voice acting sounds terrible.

    That looks terrible. And I say that as a huge Metal Gear fanboy. What have they done?!

    Ugh... doesn't look good, ESPECIALLY not for a Metal Gear game. Hideo Kojima would be rolling in his grave if he was dead.

    im just hoping the trailer is just trying to show off the combat in the game. Hopefully there will be another trailer showing off the stealth side of the game? :/

    Did it take six hits before people started taking damage?.. with a sword?

    I think this is a big mistake. No wonder Kojima isn't involved. Looks like shit. I mean, it's just disgusting. Who the f**k wants to cut people into pieces? That's not fun.

    Platinum Games? Really? After Bayonetta they should have had all their equipment taken away and closed down. The concept of their method of "take a great formula and turn it into crap" being applied to MGS is appalling.

    This looks really bad, because it reminds me nothing of the trailer we saw a couple years ago. They turned what looked like a cool mechanic into a gimmick for finishers. Or at least, thats what the trailer looks like.

    Well, I was sold on the first trailer, and this has unsold me.

    It's too bad this game had to be transfarred to Platinum Games, amirite? ;P

    Hmm.....The new DMC looks more enjoyable.

    Being the big MGS fan that he is, I wonder how Mr. Serrel's is feeling about this new entry in the series?

    Metal Gear Fans will hate it because of what it isn't. It's not a Metal Gear Solid game.

    I can see it being very close to Bayonetta and Vanquish, and I loved both of those games, so I'm keen as SHIT to see the final product.

    I'm at work and can't find a video that isn't blocked. As a huge Metal Gear fan I am very distressed at the overall reaction to this footage I'm unable to see myself... :( *sadface*

    So the name Black Ooops was taken already...

    Perhaps fan rage can be avoided simply by retitling it to something other than "Metal Gear"? It looks like a direction Raiden could go- and it's got a nice blend of Samurai concepts with future technology. The action is a bit TOO over-the-top though, or at least Raiden throwing a giant robot is; the rest looks fine. I have to agree with others on the dismemberment- real murder is horrible and not at all fun. At least the game avoids the lie of combat to the death being clean, nice, or good.

    oh my god that looks horrible. And the graphics suck... probably a result of sticking it on 360.

    I won't be getting that. I'll stick with MGS4, Peace Walker and the HD Collection

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