The Official Zelda Timeline, Now With Added Detail

While we were able last week to bring you the official Zelda timeline, courtesy of the series' new art book, it was only the barest of structures, with just game names in chronological order. Now that the book has been out for a few days, more comprehensive translations are available.

In addition to listing the games in order, the book also provides some additional background information and commentary, along with names for each of the disparate "eras" in the parallel Zeldaverses.

The new info, and image below, is courtesy of translation hero GlitterBerri.

The added translations also reveal that the book's "supervising editor" was none other than Zelda boss Eiji Aonuma, so yes, this is as official as official gets.

Hyrule Historia — The 100%, Official, Confirmed Zelda Timeline!! Finally! [GlitterBerri]


    In the grim darkness of the far future, the zelda time line has been released :P

      Zeldahammer 40k?

    I feel as though this is an iconic moment that many people are missing... The release of the official timeline is something that is pretty amazing in my eyes

    I think it's unnecessarily complicated - why have two timelines branching off from Ocarina and a third one assuming the failure of OoT?

      Failure is due to screwing up the water temple.

        You left the taps on and flooded the world. Damn you Link.

    Yeah, I still say "BS" on the third 'failure' branch from OoT... if they want to play it that way they need a branch for every single game to allow for the 'failure of the hero' in every case.

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