The Plagues Of Egypt Make An Encore Appearance In The Secret World

With all of Earth's conspiracy, mythology and theology at their fingertips Funcom has a broad spectrum of horrible things to visit upon the players on modern day MMO The Secret World. In the Scorched Desert of Egypt, things get biblical.

If those are the locusts, I don't want to see the frogs. Rather than leaning on the obvious mummy crutch, Funcom brings back the Plagues of Egypt in The Secret World, killing fish, swarming locusts and turning off the lights on player characters foolish enough to make their way down the Nile.

Just another example of the sort of fun game makers can have when they start exploring our own odd little world.


    Don't forget the murder of innocent children by a God who loves everyone!


    What sort of MMO is this? Is it a shooter? It looks like a third person action thing to me, and it might be decent, but this is the first I've heard of it.

    That looks pretty good, always loved things to do with Egypt. Don't see how it's an MMO though, looked like a 4 player L4D sort of Coop setup.

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