The PS Vita Is Killing Off The Instruction Booklet

In years past, gamers poured over instructional manuals. The booklets gave a story synopsis, tips, and a rundown on how to play the game. Recently, the manuals have gotten skimpier and skimpier. For PS Vita, the manual's vanished. Poof!

Japanese website IT Media got its hands on PS Vita packaging a day before the new portable launches in Japan. According to the site, the package is about the same size as the 3DS's game packaging.

IT Media reported that the PS Vita is doing away with instruction manuals in favour of digital manuals, which can be accessed in-game. This not only saves paper and is good for the environment, but it makes sense.

The portable apparently does come with a single sheet that explains how to use the PS Vita card itself.

IT Media also did a size comparison, showing how big (how small?) the PS Vita's game card is.

If you were wondering why the case featured in the article does not have a game cover, IT Media appears to be reluctant to show what game it has. The site also blacked out the game logo on the actual PS Vita card.

紙の説明書は廃止・・・ [PS Vita]


    Lame. I like having an instruction manual :-(

    Why does the case need to be that big if it doesn't have a manual?

      Two reasons: Theft and shelf visibility. Any smaller and it's too easy to steal and too hard to see on the shelf.

        That can be easily remedied by having dummy boxes and keeping these little cards behind the counter (like every game retailer does these days).

        There really isn't any reason to ship them in plastic cases these days, if you've decided to throw out the instruction booklet. It saves manufacturing, shipping, stocking costs etc. It could also mean much faster and cheaper deliveries if Sony takes this on themselves with simple envelopes.

          Instructions manuals kept you entertained on the ride home from the shops and were what you read when you were told to "get off that game!!" I think instruction manuals are nice to have, especially for games like RPGs etc. I do understand how they'd want to get rid of them though.

          They couldn't possibly get rid of the game box:

          A: Wouldn't see it on the shelf and theft possibilities.
          B: You'd lose that little game cartridge.
          C: It will totally ruin the look of your game library :P

    I wonder how much it costs to print instruction manuals and I wonder how much of the saving will be passed onto consumers. 0%? Oh, I thought so.

    I'm pretty sure I saw a printed game manual in the Dynasty Warriors game.


    Has nobody noticed that game manuals were a dying breed before this? The Gears 3 "manual" for example was only 4 pages. Including the cover and back page,

      I have noticed too...

      Worst is that (for example) fifa 12, the digital manual is a joke. it's just pages of texts that slide across, not designed in anyway.

    I am a man, I don't need a manual or instructions.

    This whole spiel about not using manuals because it's environmentally friendly is absolute rubbish.

    Paper is a 100% renewable resource. Almost all of the commercially available paper in the world is created through plantations and facilities that are used entirely for the purpose of creating paper-based products. I don't understand how somehow we became convinced that using paper is bad for the environment; it's like everyone thinks that paper companies are chopping down the rainforests or something, it's ludicrous.

    The only reason they've stopped making printed manuals is because they're costly to print, and making a digital one is so much more affordable.

    The cases are the problem; all that space for a teensy-tiny cartridge? Such a waste.

    I thought instruction manuals were already gone in Asia. My PS3 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood consists of some warnings warranty and licensing stuff about the Playstation Network and How to access the in-game manual. Oh and the good old instruction of how to put your disc into the disc machine.

    EA have also done away with instruction manuals. Only a 4 page safety document. NFS Run on xbox is one such game directing users to the EA website.

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