The PSP Has Put On A Little Weight

Despite the impending release of its successor, the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation Portable is going out in Europe with one final model, the dirt-cheap PSP E-1000, priced at a ridiculous €99.99.

The savings come at a cost, though, as according to a little review of the PSP's swansong over at Eurogamer, it's not exactly built to the same standards as previous models of the handheld.

Eurogamer say it looks and feels a little cheap, but most surprising of all is that the E-1000 is as big as the original PSP-1000 model from all the way back in 2004.

Also missing from this new version are a remote port, video out and stereo sound. It does gain some things, though, notably an improved screen from the PSP-3000 and a fancy new menu bar along the bottom of the handheld.

The E-1000 is a Europe-only release.

PSP E-1000 REVIEW [Eurogamer]


    The PSP E-1000 is already available in Australia, not a 'Europe-only release' like your fantastic journalism states.

      Just to point it out that "SCEE" you see on sony devices is Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, we have been Europe in Sony's eyes since the release of the PS1.

      When they say Europe, typically they mean PAL territories, of which Australia is one.

    More features removed than added and the damn thing is LARGER than the 1000? Jesus.

      Read the article again, it says it's the same size as the 1000.

    wha no stereo sound!?

      The speaker is mono but it is still capable of stereo sound through headphones. Kotaku seems to be trying to accentuate the negative in this article.

      Although lack of wireless capabilities seems like a deal breaker for me.

        Dakers, who the bloody hell would waste their cash on this one?

        It's larger than every other PSP model, it has no connectivity with other devices, it's got a mono speaker (yes, stereo via headphones, like everything else), and you still have to pay for a memory stick.

        What Good has this model got goind for it besides he price? If you were smart you'd grab a preowned PSP for less.

    Mono sound, no wifi, NTY. Discount 3000s that cost as much as an E1000 new come around every second day. Pretty easy decision there.

    They are sold at target -$98 - same price as a 2nd hand 2000-3000 from EB. Then add $50 for a memory stick - the no wi-fi is ridiculous.

    Interesting that while most electronic products get smaller, all of Sony Entertainments stuff just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

      Huh? PS1 got smaller... PS2 got Slim... PS3 got slim... PSP got... slim

      And for the first time that I know, a model in the PS family got bigger (Actually, back to its original PSP size, so not really bigger).

      So please enlighten us all as to all of these Sony Entertainment hardware that keeps getting bigger and bigger?

      I am no fan boy, I am just wondering ... what the heck you are talking about?

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