The Red Carpet At The Spike VGAs Had Celebrities, Developers (and Sometimes Both!)

Over the weekend, the Spike Video Game Awards were held. While you would have seen a few people get up on stage, there were a lot more people in attendance. Lots of developers, yeah, but lots of celebrities as well.

Ever wonder just who among those celebrities scores an invite to a free meal and an evening of video game trailers? Or which developers are worth a professional photographer snapping their pic on the red carpet? Wonder no more.

(All images by Frazer Harrison | Getty)

Xbox's Aaron Greenberg

Two members of the All-American Rejects

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker

Actor Claudia Black (Chloe in Uncharted)

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and girlfriend Lauren.

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon

Actor Emily Rose (Elena in Uncharted)

Felicia Day

Blizzard's Frank Pearce, Michael Morhaime and Allen Adham

Hideo Kojima

Hulk Hogan

Actor Jason Biggs

Voice actor John DiMaggio (Marcus Fenix, Adventure Time's Jake)

Josh Lewis

Mark Hamill

Shigeru Miyamoto and DJ Deadmau5

Voice actor Nolan North and wife Jill

Actor Sean William Scott

Stacey Kiebler

Seth Green & Clare Grant

Bethesda's Todd Howard

Skate legend Tony Hawk

Warren Spector and wife Caroline

Zelda Williams


    actress Brooklyn Decker
    Actor Claudia Black
    Actor Emily Rose

    did i miss something?

    also: keibler not kiebler.

    grammar nazi out.

      Still, some of it was golden.

      "Two members of the All-American Rejects"

      Is probably the saddest caption I've ever read.

    "Attractive Celebrity Woman Seen Holding a Nintendo DS

    No, you aren't seeing things. That's a woman holding a DS. An attractive woman. An attractive celebrity woman."

      HAHA! That is rad! It's perfect. Right down to the Bashcraft culture crap.


    That's a really unflattering picture of Claudia :( She can actually be relatively attractive, though I suppose she's getting on in years.

      Same thing can be said for Tony Hawk. Dude is haggard, he's looking more like Bill Gates by the day.

    Oh wow John DiMaggio is Marcus Fenix too? Only knew he was Jake and Bender, some nicely differing characters there!

    Nolan North's wife looks scary in that picture.

    Zelda williams looking great as usual though.

    I am in love with Zelda Williams.

    Sweet Jesus. Cliff Bleszinski is holding a Barbie doll. The more I look at that picture, the less realistic she looks. It's starting to creep me out.

    Anyone notice Cliffy B and Seth Green in the same photo? I always thought they looked the same.

    Firstly, I thought it was Michael Bay before realising it was Tony Hawk.


    I *WISH* so badly right now that Chloe's voice actor from Uncharted was Elena's voice actor. I mean, seeing the real voice of Chloe has made Chloe some how a little less unattractive.

      To be fair, that's not exactly the best picture ever of Claudia Black. Looks like she was going for the "meth addict" look that night.

    Cliffy B's bird is smokin, fair play to that lad...

    How could something so hairy make someone like Zelda WIlliams?

    Also, John DiMagio does Bender's voice - I feel like that's the more important voice to mention

    Cliffy B's Girlfriend: Back when Gears 1 came out I was watching the Making-of-DVD for it with a friend and I recall Cliffy B suddenly talking about his personal life in regards to his then-17-year-old girlfriend... Am I recalling this incorrectly? Does this strike anyone else as slightly creepy? And finally... is this the same girl? Because this one, if she's new, doesn't look much older than 18 :-P...

    I obviously don't have enough work to do...

    There's only one member of the All-American Rejects. They guy to the left is a tattooist from Dallas

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