The Rookies Arrive This Weekend In NBA 2K12

With the NBA set to get back to work on Christmas, NBA 2K12 can start bringing in rookies who were drafted in June but went unsigned throughout the league's lockout.

Series producer Erick Boenisch told Kotaku last week that the game will drop in signings, trades and free agent moves as they happen, rather than wait for one large omnibus roster update right before the season beings. That means some time this weekend we'll see Kyrie Irving (pictured), the No. 1 overall draft pick, suited up for action with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This means if you start a new My Player career, you'll see Irving drafted with your class (and his name called by the commissioner).

Also, the former Ron Artest will appear as Metta World Peace, his new name, for the Los Angeles Lakers. But Chris Paul won't be joining him. That's not per 2K Sports but, well, a guy who approves or vetoes an entirely different set of features.


    About time!

    Will they also patch the damn horrible trading AI they've included in MP mode? The amount of silly trades I'm seeing being made by top tier teams is ruining the game for me.

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