The 'Spike Holiday Video Game Extravaganza' Might Be A Better Name

"The Spike Video Game Awards are not everyone's ideal version of a video game award show, and complaining about them has become an annual event, like the show itself." Totilo wrote that over the weekend, and I agree 100%. Complaints over the show and its format are getting as tiring as the show itself, so let's spare each other the routine of throwing our arms on our hips and pontificating as to how we'd drastically change the thing, turn it into something "we" think "our" industry somehow deserves.

The Spike Video Game Awards are a TV show crafted with advertising in mind, and in terms of what it does, it does that pretty well. In a time of year where gaming news has all but dried up, it provides classy trailers and big game reveals, two of the things a video game audience laps up above all others.

For all the show's flaws, and it still has many, it was all the gaming quarter of the internet was looking at and talking about over the weekend, so from an organisational point of view, Spike won't be a rush to change a damn thing about how it was structured or run.

As someone who doesn't work for Spike, though, can I at least ask for one slight change?

Change the name.

You don't need to change the format, you don't need to change the need for celebrities to awkwardly attach themselves to the event, you don't need to alter the charade of there being awards at all to justify the marketing dollars coming in from big publishers.

The "award show" format works well in presenting the stuff, and is a good excuse to get everyone in the same room.

It's just the name that needs to go, and for two reasons. One, it's a little demeaning, not to the industry or its followers or somehow the medium itself, but to those nominated. Two noted voice actors took to Twitter to complain over the weekend, and I understand part of their concerns. The seating, that's, whatever, but the fact a show with only 30 awards can't show them all being presented, or even offer a montage, is a bit of an insult to those actually "honoured" with receiving them.

The second reason is for Spike's benefit. This show has never been about the "awards". It's about the big spend, the trailers, the marketing. That's the only reason people are actually paying attention to them. If Spike dropped the "awards" part from the name, they might actually get more viewers!

I'm only half-joking with that headline. Pitching this as a marketing event with an awards show attached (instead of the opposite as it is now) isn't just being honest as to why people are caring about it, it's selling the show for what it actually is, which may do better business for Spike than the current charade is managing. I know "shitloads of new trailers and game reveals" is more exciting a main event than "people getting up on stage to make speeches".

At the very least it'd put an end to the annual bouts of hand-wringing over the show, and that must count for something, right?

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    I cant even pull my self to watch the dam show, also I dont think I have seen winner of the VGA on any game boxes, so really you are right the awards are very much pointless especially. What I want to see is the industry getting together and do two things, 1. Game of Year can only be given to one game per year only, to avoid having 10 game of the year games from the one year. 2. Form there own industry run awards, now the awards show doesn't have to be big, it can be simply internet based and such, it can even have ads which reveal new games and such still, but just 1 show that carries the official industry awards. This would ad weight to these awards and it would be interesting to actually watch the awards and see who wins. If the industry can pull of such an award show the benefits would be that like movies and the academy awards, that movie/game will see increase sales post winning which will do alot of benefits for the industry as whole once the awards grow.

    So overall, the solution to the show would be to get rid of it all together.

    First time I even noticed it.

    If you were to ask me I would suggest being respectable and not treating Gaming as an immature past time by NOT showing off teabagging!

    Gee... I didn't think it was on until the 21st.

    Or is that just Australia?

    Far too much crap posted about this non-event. It's like writing 15 articles on a press event held by Activision, 1 will do, move on, no-one cares about your crappy rigged offensive video game TV show.

    MW3 Best Shooter 2011?

    Whatever credibility or 'prestige' these awards held (if any at all) was completely thrown away when they announced that.

    It's people who keep buying same shit thats wrapped in a new package that hold society back, and Im serious about that... Imagine how games would look like today if people didnt put up with the same crap every year?

    I believe we would be flying magnet proppelled cars right now.

      They lost credibility with me when 4 years ago, Super Mario Galaxy, which was the best-reviewed game of that year (and the 2nd best reviewed game of all time), wasn't even up for nomination for best game. And then 2 years later they again failed to put Super Mario Galaxy 2 (best-reviewed game of 2009, third best of all time) for nomination.

      Welcome to the video game crash of 1983.

    Its a commercial video game awards show what do you expect? Look at the MTV awards...nothing different

    GeT rid of the award show altogether.

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