The Video Game That Made Alec Baldwin Quit Twitter

Ultimately it was an iPhone game, not political grousing, hackers or public tweets of affection that led actor and Twitteratti Alec Baldwin to quit the social networking service.

Baldwin's sometimes humorous, often off-kilter, sometimes political tweets have been a guilty pleasure of mine for nearly a year. I sort dig reading Baldwin chatting with fans, worrying over a hacked account and going off on people who disagree with his way of thinking. It's not that I agree with him or that I'm a big fan, it's mostly because he's always been so upfront about, well, everything.

And it's weathered a lot of storms, a lot of controversy, and tempests in teapots.

Ultimately, though, it was Baldwin's gaming habits that lead to his fall on Twitter. Earlier this week Baldwin was caught playing a little Word With Friends while waiting at the gate on an American Airline flight. On Twitter, he called out the attendant for "reaming" him. Then, apparently, went back to playing the game. Unable or unwilling to stop his time with the Zynga word game, American kicked him off the flight. (American Airlines says he was talking, not gaming and that he was booted for being unruly.)

That's right a celebrity lost his first-class seat on a flight over a game. The turmoil and reaction to the story and his tweets, ultimately led Baldwin to shut down his Twitter account and to write up his experiences on The Huffington Post. And then another.

In his first rant, he takes on American Airlines and all airlines, for the plummet in service we've all experienced, likening it to a "Greyhound bus experience."

And now, now Greyhound is angry.

Don't worry Baldwin, you'll always have Words with Friends. Me? I'd take a plane booting for Junk Jack. What about you?


    Wasn't American Airlines recently declared bankrupt?

      Their parent company apparently, I assume the airline is still going.

    It wasn't the game that made him quit Twitter, it was his dickishness. Not to mention that American Airlines' story doesn't involve the game at all.

    I used to sort dig reading, but then I took a class on proofreading.

    Society's loss, I guess. :p I actually like he dude too, don't get me wrong.

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