Theme Park Is Back, And It's Ready To Screw You

Bullfrog's Theme Park is one of the greatest management games ever made. It's return, courtesy of rights-holders EA, should be a cause for celebration. It's not.

The game is on iPhone. Which is... OK. I mean, SimCity is on iPhone and works pretty well, there's no reason Theme Park can't do the same. Only, it looks like hell. The rich, sprite-based aesthetic of the original has been replaced with lifeless polygons, robbing the game of much of its charm.

Making matters far worse, though, is the fact it's a "freemium" game. And one that's taking the piss. The game is built around the concept of levels, with players unable to build rides and attractions until they've reached a certain level.

So far so freemium, but USA Today reported that levelling up through play is slow, and many of the best rides are only available by paying for them. So, what, you pay $US5 for a ride? Nope. Try $US60, which is what a "Skull-Train roller coaster" will cost you in the game's premium "tickets".

$US60! For one ride.


Theme Park on iOS is an expensive, slow-moving experience [Games Blog]


    $60 for a single digital ride. Amazing. I can get Skyrim AND Uncharted 3 for that.

    Theme Park HD on XBL/PSN/Steam please and I'll give you some money EA.

    60 bucks a ride? Damn they're really going for realism aren't they?

    hmmm. . . A newly released AAA rated title for any console or PC, or a single ride in a 'freenium' iOS game. . .

    Atari needs to counter with a cheaper, superior Roller Coaster Tycoon.


      RollerCoaster Tycoon FTW. I haven't played Theme Park yet, but I loved Theme Hospital. I would probably love Theme Park too, but not at $60...

      Didn't Chris Sawyer officially kill off the RCT franchise after how 3 was handled? I know there was that casual/console-oriented Thrillride released sometime afterwards, but I thought he was done with it and still had IP control to stop Atari pulling an EA with it.

        Nope RCT still lives ones coming out next year for the 3Ds. No idea if Chris Sawyer has anything to do with the new game. Have not heard anything about him since the lawsuit between him and Atari settled out of court in 2008.


    I wonder how many kids will buy it without knowing they've spent real money.

    Nice one EA.

    Damn it i got excited for a second... ive been dying to jump on a theme park game over the past two weeks. i was thinking their was one on the PSN but it turned out to be a PS1 port. damn it.

    And I thought APB's $60 for one server-bound, character-bound gun was ridiculous. It still is, but this one is worse..

    That's almost the admission price for Dreamworld/White Water World on the Coast. An actual theme park visit. :S

    Astounding. Full games go for that price. Do they.. realise what they're asking?

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