There Are No Brunettes In 'Miyamoto's Angels'

This four-star send-up by The Game Station is clever any day of the week, and especially timely given whatever the hell it was that just took place in the past 24 hours.

This is "Miyamoto's Angels" and, lo and behold, all three are blondes, so I can't easily identify which one is supposed to be Farrah. I'm gonna guess that Kotaku's own Lisa Foiles, is supposed to be Kate Jackson, the leader. I'll guess Samus is Farrah Fawcett, and Zelda is Jaclyn Smith then.

This is actually the first of four clips; you can choose among three outcomes at the end. Which one is the winner? Well, we already told you who the leader is, duh. Sorry, I suppose that should have been announced with a spoiler alert.

Punchlines throughout, and cameos and namechecks include Shy Guy, King Hippo and Metal Gear. Enjoy.


    That's a great effort but I feel like they could have done more to 'Nintendo-fy' the set.

    Instead of what looks like a PC speaker they could have used the wii speak peripheral or a wii mote speaker.

    OMFGCata is so wizard!

    Jesse Cox, you da man.

    Samus? Miyamoto hardly has anything to do with Metroid.

      Didn't he create metroid though?


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