There Will Be Official Lego Lord Of The Rings

Lego and Warner Bros. have just announced that the Danish toy company has picked up the rights to produce playsets based on both Peter Jackson's original Lord of the Rings film trilogy, along with both new Hobbit movies.

For people who like hobbits and toys, this is good news. For people who like Lego video games and Lord of the Rings, well, it's 99 per cent likely to also be good news. While the initial announcement doesn't mention video game tie-ins along with the Lego toys themselves, this is Lego. And Warner Bros. And Lord of the Rings. If there aren't multiple games based on the franchise I'll eat my large hairy feet.

The toys will begin appearing in late 2012.


    about time

    Will they make smaller scale lego people for the hobbits? Hope so!

      There are also minifgure leg pieces that are shorter and don't have hip joints, which they use for dwarf or children characters (eg Yoda, kid Anakin, Ewoks in the star wars line). I'd guess they'll be using this for the hobbits.

    Always assumed this was going to happen - here's hoping my other assumption/hope is correct in that we might see a Lego LotR game which has The Hobbit included like what Lego PotC did
    (Since Lego Hobbit/LotR would be perfect for classic Lego SW style swordplay and magic)

      My bet is that we'll see two games - one based on the LOTR trilogy from a few years back, and another based on the two upcoming Hobbit movies. The first will probably be released in the same year as the first Hobbit Movie (2013?) and the second will be around the same time as the second movie. And there you have it, that ends my report from the scene.

    Traditionally, Lego Licenses that don't have much set or vehicle potential (eg. Cars, Avatar: Last Airbender, Spider-Man) have tended to fizzle since you can't just rely on the strength of your minifigure characters alone. You NEED vehicle playsets (eg Pirates, Star Wars) for a strong line.

      Elephants, horses, fell beasts, gandalf's cart, lothlorien canoes, wargs...

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