There's A Special Gift Inside Every Launch Copy Of Twisted Metal, And It's Not Green Stamps

Twisted Metal co-director David Jaffe manages to make fans of the series extremely happy and me feel incredibly old in one fell swoop.

Thanks for the free copy of PlayStation 2 classic Twisted Metal Black, Dave. If anyone needs me I'll be down at Hardees with the rest of the elderly, stuffing horrible food into a digestive system to desiccated to care anymore.

A Twisted Metal Message from David Jaffe [PlayStation Blog]


    US only?

    Twisted Metal: Black any good? Last one I played was Twisted Metal 2 on the PS1.

    oh so not Twisted Metal2 then...

    Well poo. I just bought Twisted Metal Black for my Ps2 like 2 months ago because I was excited for this new game... Fun game though :)

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