There's Another MechWarrior Game Coming

While the world waits to see if the MechWarrior game coming to the PC is any good, another MechWarrior game has turned up. Out of nowhere. And this one's for the iPhone and iPad. No, wait! Come back!

Before you roll your eyes, it's called MechWarrior: Tactical Command, which to me implies some degree of tactical command. Not that you'd know that from watching the above trailer.

At least some tactical action would tie everything back into the original MechWarrior tabletop game.

It'll be out next year.


    Oh shit an Atlas, GG

    By the original Mechwarrior you mean Battletech, right? :)

    Oh I do love me some Timberwolf action.... also Marauder XD

    As much as I loved MechWarrior back in the day, it's still very obviously a product of its time and I doubt any Battletech franchise would be able to maintain relevance in 2011. Even the designs look incredibly 90s.

      Giant robots duking it out NOT relevant??

      I demand a Trial of Grievance. Choose your tonnage and planet to settle this.

    so.... another mech commander?

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