These Are The Best Gundam Statues In The World

The Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011 is the world cup of Gunpla, or Gundam plastic model-building. With entries from countries all over the world, spanning two divisions (one for over-15s and the other for under-14s), it showcases the most stunning Gunpla in the world.

Malaysia took first place for the senior division with a diorama titled "Kshatriya 4" by Ho Yick Yin. You can see it in this post's lead photo.

China won the junior division with an entry called "Conversation by Heart" by Lao Jia Hong. It is the second photo below. Congrats to the winners and all the finalists!

As Kotaku previously posted, Japan's finalist for the junior division was an eight year-old girl — an unexpected winner in the male-dominated world of Gunpla.

GBWC 2011 [Bandai via まんはったん]


    pfft, I could do better. lol jkz

    Building Gundam is fun and relaxing. I got a perfect grade Strike Freedom for Christmas that I can't wait to get my midgity hands on. The first kit I built was the Strike Freedom MG with dragoons. It's still my favourite, and I too am a girl. Or I was last time I checked.

      I can attest for the relaxing and fun comment about Gunpla, can't say the same for the girl part.
      Recently got 8 kits to celebrate finishing my HSC and am slowly building and paint my way through them.

    Top pic is great, still don't love the 00 Quanta though.

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