These Are The Best Indie Games Of 2011

Just as its sister site ModDB picks the top PC gaming mods of the year, IndieDB rounds out the year with a countdown of the top independently developed games of the year. Think of it as a shopping list to help establish your indie gaming cred. How many of the top 10 have you played?

Me? I've only gotten around to experiencing half of the 10 games voted by IndieDB community members as the best independent games of the year. I've spent a great many hours exploring the world of Bastion, as everyone should. Stephen got me into SpaceChem after raving about the iPhone version of the game. Trine 2 from Frozenbyte was a no-brainer, considering my great love of the original and Minecraft-meets-FPS Ace of Spades was personally responsible for several near-oversleep situations over the past few months.

As for the number one game, the 2D building, exploring, and surviving action of Terraria... I'm ashamed to say I hadn't played it at all, at least until this morning, when I plunked down five dollars for a copy on Steam. I'm enjoying it so much right now that this post was nearly incredibly late.

Hit up the list to see not only the top 10, but the top 100 indie games of 2011 and beyond and start building your shopping list.

IOTY Players Choice - Indie of the Year [IndieDB]


    This list is missing Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, and is therefore not worth reading....

    OK, so maybe I'm overreacting, but you should still play Jamestown. PLAY IT NOW!!!

      I got this in a humble bundle and haven't installed it yet. Thanks for the tip!

      Nor was Space Pirates and Zombies.

    Jamestown always has me clicking on it because of its name and cool pic on steam, then I get there are see it's one of those awful side scrolling space shooters, yuck!

      Not a side scroller, nor is it set in space.

      The more you know.

        Yes, technically it scrolls upwards and is set on Mars.

        Less pedantically, it certainly is a bullet hell, though it's made as an introduction into bullet hell games and eases you into it.

      how much time have you spent playing shmups? i never used to "get" them, but spending time playing DoDonPachi got me hooked. and yeah, Jamestown rules

      I wasn't fond of it either. I managed to get the steam achievement on it though.

    I just finished Trine 2 and have to say I really enjoyed it, especially for $15.

    Personally I hate Terraria and think it's just so fucking overrated. Fucking G'damn.

    Last time I looked this was AUSTRALIA, the LAND of NOOOOO INDIE !
    So, just delete the story it is not appealing at all.

      1. This was posted by Kotaku US
      2. We can buy indie games in Australia.

    Bastion and Limbo were fairly well made. But I still maintain that Braid is my favourite indie game of all time!

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