These PS3 Ads Built A Real Holodeck. It's Amazing.

You know Star Trek's holodeck? If not, here is Star Trek's holodeck. Anyway, once the property of science fiction, some advertisers have actually built one for a PlayStation 3 commercial.

As you'll see, there is no post-production work being done on the footage. All the effects are being done in the room, using 3D projection mapping and a PlayStation Move controller stuck to a camera. There is also Starscream. And men in lycra.

I'm a bit dubious as to their claims of it being "one take", as there's a few instances where you see him "twitch", but other than that, it's all very impressive.


    That's all very cool, but a Playstation Move controller doesn't come with a room filling projector or a squad of lycra suit stage hands.

    Almost as stupid as Nintendo's sense of self imbelishment.

      Some people just have no imagination...

    That one lycra suited guy at the end of the second clip is very impressed with himself.

    That's bloody awesome. Doesn't make me want a move though. :P

    Why are people talking about Move? This has nothing to do with Move :S

    Very cool effect.

    All flash and no substance.

    Plus this is to advertise the PS3 as a MOVIE MACHINE. As Obi Wan said, "Wake up Luke!".

    What does 3d projection have to do with ps3? Is the ps3 prop even plugged in?

    There's clearly zero interaction, it's a pre-made 3d animation that the main character reacts to in an entirely passive way. That's not gaming, that's cinema at best.

    What are they defining as "post production"? Editing? Post Audio treatment? Underscore? 3d Animation? This video has all of those things.

    And if there's "no post production" why do they need to slate every take?

    Meh... 3d projection is cool and this would have worked better as a branded live stunt that people could experience and then associate in a positive way with the brand and talk about. But implying ps3 has made a holodeck and posing it like a tech demo is just insulting.

    ps. Well done Xbox360 for sniping the advertising on this page with banners above and to the side. Very amusing.

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