This GameStop Trolling Brought To You By Best Buy

There are certain disadvantages to locating your game-centric retail store next to a big box electronics outfit, as this lovely Best Buy sign so aptly demonstrates. It's enough to make a guy trade in all his games for a refrigerator.

It's also a bad idea to have your corporate logo rendered in an easily accessible font like Impact MT, making it all too easy for the competition to create mocking signage that draws your customers' eyes away from your storefront.

Come on, brave little GameStop. Don't let Best Buy push you around. Get your hands on some Futura Bold Extra Condensed and poke fun at Best Buy's disorganized Blu-ray aisle and it's $US5,000 HDMI cables.

GameStop Trolling [Reddit]


    5000 dollar hdmi cables, You're joking right?

      There's a whole submarket of overpriced peripherals including HDMI cables. EBGames makes very little profit on games and even less on consoles, their real money-makers are accessory packs and strategy guides just as for Hi-Fi retailers, it's overpriced HDMI cables.

      Monster Inc is notorious for selling ridiculously-overpriced HDMI cables to ignorant people, claiming it improves picture and sound quality. Something stagggeringly unscientific as HDMI carries digital information ie 1s and 0s. It's an all-or-nothing situation. If your cheap cable can transfer the data at all, it'll do it just as well as a $5000 Monster cable.

    Protip: Don't trade in games.

      This. If you must get rid of a game, donate it to less fortunate cousins or friends.

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