This Guy Built A Real Team Fortress 2 Gun

Prop builder Zander Brandt, whose awesome Mass Effect rifle we've featured previously, has for his next project done something a little faster, a little more obnoxious.

It's the Force-A-Nature, one of the best weapons available for Team Fortress 2's Scout.

While it may not be one of Team Fortress 2's more memorable weapons, that doesn't make this replica any less impressive. I love the gloss effect, giving it that cartoon shine, just like the game.

The cosplay modelling is also a cute touch.

Team Fortress 2: Force a' Nature [Zander Brandt]


    Did you just call it one of the best weapons for the Scout?

      It's Plunkett talking, what do you expect?

        Why would it NOT be one of the best? I find it very useful.

          See, the FoN is great at one thing. Playing Scout and THINKING you've made impact to the enemy. If they fly back, you can sit back and say "I made someone fly backwards", but rarely can you say "I actually killed them".

          FoN is for annoying Scouts who sit on the bottom of the scoreboards and SHIT everyone more than they win.

            Well that does in fact explain why I constantly kick ass with it and almost always come in top 3 everytime I play.

          It's below both the original scattergun and the sodapopper.

    Am I the only one that thought this article was actually about the Sentry when first looking at the picture? I feel royally jipped here...

      Yep, definitely thought It would be about the sentry as well.

      Yep, I thought the same.

      I want that Sentry gun more than anything

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