This Guy Plays Tetris So Fast It Makes My Eyes Bleed

The Tetris community at Hard Drop is, as you'd expect from people joining up to a community based around the game, pretty damn good at Tetris.

How good? Intimidatingly good.

This here is a world record run in the "40 line" category from user LapSiLap, who cleared the required lines in just 21.90 seconds.

For a further reminder of just how hardcore competitive Tetris gaming is, check out this documentary.


    Nup sorry don't buy it.

      Gonna have to agree. That's not humanly possible.

      +1. Shenanigans.

      You guys are such cynics! Check this out

      +1 Shennaniggans also...

      i mean, its not sped up cause there is a timer on the bottom right, its either a coded bot playing or the dude is a cyborg from the year 3000

    I'm not buying it.

    Its not possible.

    wank wank wank

    He most likely uses a emulator with a hold/pause feature

    This is not fake. I've seen my friend play tetris similar to those speeds. I was so ashamed of playing tetris on my DS afterwards.

    Even better when the blocks are invisible.

    Well if this is legit then my 1min 40sec best might as well be 10mins

    It's not impossible. A friend tells me that when you're playing at these speeds you don't even look at the main board, you just look at the predicted pieces on the side and work out how they will slot together.

    So it doesn't matter how fast the pieces are dropping, the game you're playing is in the side bar.

    Some of my friends on the facebook Tetris have 50-60 seconds, and they're obviously not as dedicated to Tetris as this person must be.
    It's not that hard to fathom that there are people with impressive records is it? Can you jump 8 metres? No? But hey, there are people in the world who can.

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