This Is An Incredible Left 4 Dead Fan Film

As far as fan films go, this is some Hollywood-quality stuff. Produced by Northern Five, this fan film captures the spirit of Left 4 Dead and has some fantastic production values to boot. Stick it out to the six minute mark and you'll see that it takes a pretty amazing twist and becomes the kind of zombie game that I wish actually existed.


    It looks good, sure, but it aint L4D.

    L4D features INFECTED humans that PUNCH, KICK and BEAT the survivors.

    This fan film features DEAD ZOMBIES that EAT and CONSUME their victims.

    maybe it deserved to be posted twice ....

    It was good... THen the end got abit over the top

    It was really good, but then that extra character came in and totally ruined it...

      Ok, by the end of it, I enjoyed it, but only because it ended up totally over the top, and it was pretty ridiculous...

    Yeah this was posted a few days ago, but the ending is just pathetic. It makes absolutely no sense and took away from the suspense of the start of the flick.

      "Made absolutely no sense"? What part of it was meant to make sense? The melodrama of the beginning is supposed to make it all the more ridiculous. The whole thing was a joke, every second of it.

      I can't believe how many people are missing the point.

        inb4 people telling me that I've missed the point of their criticism.

        I don't think people are missing the point for not liking it, that makes sense, it was all dramatic (borderline melodramatic) and serious and then that flew out the window and it became ridiculous. I get why people will be turned off by that.

        But not liking it for "not making sense" is missing the point. It's not supposed to make sense. That's the joke.

    so.... why was MasterCheff, the guy form Gears, a random CSS and the guy from Mortal Kombat in there.... like.... WTF?

      That was no random CSS - That was Ghost from MW2, quite possibly the most memorable character in that game - which isn't saying much

      Master Cheff? Does he do a mystery box attack, followed by a pressure round?

      P.S. I have great shame in even knowing that much about the show.

    It was meant to be over the top. I don't get why people complain about the ending. They wanted it to look like a faithful recreation of Left 4 Dead to highlight the end surprises. To catch the viewer unawares (and in that they succeeded)

    I love that we're at a point where fan films can look so good and allow people to put these things together.

      Personally i thought something was Suss the second they started approacing the witch.

      Considering the video makes it obvious that Bill is already dead at this point. It seems stupid that they would go and approach a witch like creature(especially since in the game it's always, stay away from the witch)

    I really enjoyed that and, unlike everyone else, I'm not gonna shit can it in any way. The whole thing was well done and great fun. What the hell more do you whiny bitches want?!!!

      indded. It's a fan made film, they can do whatever the hell they want to it. I'd love to see the whingers do better :D

    zombies.... bringing people together

    Wow, that was amazing until Master Chief showed up. Then it went to shit. So disappointing.

      I thought it was cheesy and just another L4D fan film until the Chief showed up. Then it was hilarious.

    they should have had characters from other valve games, like freeman & chell.

    I liked the twist, it was highly amusing. The impact was lost though when they started cramming everyone and anyone into it. It was also a little disappointing that the obvious ResEvil crossover didn't occur and there were no sunflowers.

    Was fun. Totally ridiculous.

    Meagan Marie is in it, therefore I think it's awesome.

    Why do they always get a chick that looks nothing like Zoey to play Zoey? This is consistent with EVERY L4D fan film.

    thought it was done really well. kept pretty true in the beginning and as for the end scene, thought that was funny as. specially after the whole surprise of chief showing up, scorpion arrives out of nowhere haha. dont know what people are complaining about. its entertainment. too many overly serious geeky turds around these days.

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