This Is How The End Begins In Diablo III

The opening cinematic for Diablo III debuted tonight at the Spike VGA awards, featuring the falling of more than one star and the passing of a torch from uncle to niece.

If you've been fortunate enough to play through the Diablo III beta, then you already know about the falling star. You've already met Deckard Cain's neice, Leah, and you already know that it takes more than a fiery ball of death from the sky to do in the last of the Horadrim. For you guys, this is pure eye candy, and Blizzard does eye candy really well.


    After playing the beta I can say this will live up to my expectations


    Is she 60 or something?

      Perhaps she is adopted.

        I don't think he's her literal Uncle.
        she's the dark wanderers and Adria the witch's daughter.

    hes old and still sucks in the beta

    awesome CGI, why can't the game follow this :|

      If all the cut scenes had CGI like this, then I'll buy it no matter how bad it is!

    Jesus christ can blizzard cocktease. If they came out and said 'Diablo III will retail for $300' i would just be like 'yep. Here you go"

      Me too. This is very much a "shut up and take my money" situation.

    I has began!
    please dont release it before xmas .... I will just skip on all the parties and play

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