This Is Ninja Gaiden III's Multiplayer

When you think of action game Ninja Gaiden, the word "multiplayer" doesn't exactly leap to mind. Yet, here we are, a Ninja Gaiden — Ninja Gaiden III — with multiplayer.

Well... what do you reckon?

Ninja Gaiden III will be out next year. And yes, it will have multiplayer.


    Looks ok. I would have preferred coop campaign. NJGS has had some of the hardest levels in gaming and would suit two player coop romp.

    Looks kind of broken. What's up with the bits where 2 ninjas just pause for a while then one dies?

    this...doesn't look like fun

    Like how this looks :D. Can't see any difference to Ninja Gaiden 1 in general, but the fact it's multiplayer is very appealing and exiting :D. Feels odd to see so many super-ninjas XD

    Looks like a clusterf*** of spamming 1 button.

    i wish it had a stealth aspect, i mean it says ninja on the title

    I imagine it will be very, very difficult to tell how good or bad this is until the game is out and people have had time to actually get good. Currently this looks, yes, like a spamfest. Then again so does every other fighting game when you watch amateurs play. And so does DMC and its clones when you watch someone bad.

    I noticed there is an invisibility ability, and that it's possible to initiate the weird currently-takes-too-long finishing moves in a single hit from behind, so that will likely limit how much of the game is 'run up press button.' I also noticed that using ninpo instantly cancels out of said backstab so there's some potential metagame already.

    I don't have much faith in the Ninja Gaiden devs but I've always wanted to see a DMC game or clone attempt multiplayer, so I'll reserve pessimism and hope for the best for them.

    Just think of how awkward Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's muli could have been and was at launch, compared to how good it was.

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