This Is Not The Mega Man Game You Were Looking For

When a reader passed this along and said it was a “f***ing abomination”, I thought, well, those are awfully strong words. A Mega Man game on the iPhone can’t be that bad, can it?

Oh. Turns out that, yes, it looks quite awful. Capcom seem to have confused the iPhone, which is capable of playing games that look like this, with a 2002 mobile phone.

Mega Man X for the iPhone costs $US2.99. Which looks to be $US1 per frame of animation for Mega Man.


  • In comparison to the PSP remake (Maverick Hunter X) and the original SNES version, this looks extremely shoddy and cheap. It doesn’t look like a lot of love or effort was put into this at all.
    The Sonic CD iOS port, on the other hand, seems to have fared alot better.

  • Yeah, kinda looks like what I’d imagine Mega Man X to look like on the iPhone. If it’s anything like the Mega Man 2 port, it must be borderline-impossible to play without real buttons. iOS really isn’t the right system to port console games to.

  • Um, this is an emulated core SNES game with higher-res versions of the art. Like how Super Mario Allstars was of the first 3 SMB games.

  • What an abomination indeed. The run cycle animation seems to be missing a few tween sprites, some of the particle effects are rather woeful (especially noticeable on the electric pulse thing that happens around MegaMan when Vile grabs him).
    They’ve introduced screen transitions, which was essentially something that they really tried to remove from the SNES MMX game, which appear to ofer nothing to the game at all.
    All challenge has been removed as there’s a “purchase all health tanks” option.. grrrr..
    The impact sprite transition for bullets also seems a little off in places.
    iOS is not a good platform to port MMX to as or MM games in general as these really need the tactile buttons.
    Also ugh, they’ve gone with the old MMX cartoon art, oh why did they do that, now everything looks so so.. MM has lost his charm and now looks too glossy..
    Poor form Capcom.. poor form.

  • i only played MM2 on the game boy colour, (nes and that was before my time) so i dont really get why this is an abomination but i can see the performance is terribad and that alone makes it suck

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