This Is The Worst Thing Nintendo Has Ever Done. Ever.

Nintendo has done some awesome things over the years, but it's done some awful things too. But this, this is the worst. Nintendo of America has spent what's probably a ton of money to get serious airtime in the video clip for a novelty Christmas single. A Justin Bieber Christmas single.

To minimise civilian casualties, you can skip to 1:58 to see it in all its horror. And it is horror. I showed it to intern Chris and he said it's not the worst thing Nintendo has ever done, it's the worst thing anybody ever has ever done.

About the only salvation I can think of is that the placement was actually paid for by Sony, as revenge for all the mean things we said about it the last time somebody said all they wanted for Christmas was a video game handheld.


    They really tried to cover up the autotune on Beiber's voice but that distinctive warble is still there.

      You actually listened to it?!

        Someone's gotta take the bullet for the team.

        Where others fear to tread, even for the sake of easy criticism, is where I dare go.

        It is my curse.

          what a hero :D

          I LOVE YOU SUPERMAN!!!!

        I don't know, I think those two girls were pretty cute.

    Dodged a bullet there. I started reading as the clip was loading and hit the stop button just in time. There should be a bigger warning at the front of this thing.

      AGREED. I hate his singing style. Hell I hate his singing. I kind of read Bieber as the clip was playing then I saw him and stopped it straight away.
      They're only doing it to get the stupid girls who'll buy anything endorsed by Beiber.

    NOOOOO!!!!! Nintendo why!? WHY!?? Are you trying to kill us all!!!!!!????

    I can't handle this!!! Sony why are you trying to kill Nintendo just because there your enemies in the console market does not mean you should make us all suffer and that's for the heads up Logic Incarnate I near hit play but i saw your comment first bless you kind sir.

    That's pretty evil, Luke, ambushing us like that before we've had a chance to read. Should at least have put a warning in the title not to play the vid til you'd read the article.

    Seriously, doesn't this violate the Geneva Convention or something? I remember seeing something in there about "Cruel and Unusual Punishment"...

    do celebrities actually sell anything but themselves? wish i could sell out for exorbitant amounts of dollars :(

    Now I just want to see Bill Nighy to come on as his Love Actually character to pimp his own Christmas album and write "I'VE GOT A LITTLE PRICK" on his face.

    That's weird... didn't Nintendo REJECT Justin Bieber's request to use something of theirs (I think it was a snippet of music from one of their games, but can't remember exactly) in his movie earlier this year? But now they're not just willing to be associated with him but are willing to PAY for the (somewhat dubious) "privilege"?

      Two VERY different things. Nintendo are very protective when it comes to protecting ongoing IP, particularly after the debacle that was the Super Mario Brothers film. That was why it was such a big deal that 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' had Zelda's Lullaby in it (which required a a self-written letter from the director pouring his heart out about his love for the series and his absolute desire to treat it with respect).

      However, when it comes to shilling a product that isn't doing fantastically, Nintendo are more than happy to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Technically (no trolling), that's why the Wii was so successful for them.

    Yeah, Justin Bieber, but... Mariah Carey's boobs kinda make up for it.

      Do you really want those two things correlating in your mind, Dan? I don't.

      And her legs......they nice 2.

    Did Mariah Carey look a little like the Witch and Justin like Edmund when in the sleigh together?... Narnia... anyone... anyone... hello???

    I like how mariah is so old now, that she only looks good fully dressed in a santa/costume, and kinda from behind.

      Hi other Steve. I'm sure Nick Cannon will disagree with you, but yeah. I recently saw her doing some Advertising Network plugging and boy does she look haggard. Her current quasi-photogenic state is so fragile. There's only so much airbrushing, creative lighting and flattering outfitting do and I fully expect it all to collapse like a house of cards any day.

    Someone, somewhere out there had a stroke from watching that video clip.

    I didn't think it was possible for Bieber to look any more like a lesbian, but with that haircut he's really surpassed himself.

    That video combined 4 of my most hated things: cynically manufactured pop-music, shameless product placement, shopping centres, and teenagers.

    ... So full of hatred right now

    Justin Bieber and christmas singles.

    Its like the two horrors of music combined into one gigantic eldritch abomination.

    all we need is skrillex to remix it...

    im sorry but i turned the volume off and just watched the mariah carey parts...why don't women ever get in costumes for me :(

    I don't like the kid, but screw it. Beiber be in the money dammit.

    Well, Beiber bought 2 3DS's... that's the heigh of Nintendos sales this christmas :P

    "hello, i'm Nintendo, i don't want money anymore. instead i want piss people off"

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