This Man Will Die Working For Sega

This Man Will Die Working For Sega

Today’s Shigeru Miyamoto news shows that not even the biggest names in development are around forever. One man, though, plans on sticking around forever. One very brown man.

That man is of course Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball’s Toshihiro Nagoshi, now 46, who in an interview with Gamasutra, said, “It’s not that I’m satisfied at Sega so much as I really owe one to Sega — they taught me how much fun making games can be. I doubt I would leave this company in 10 or even 20 years.”

“Unless something really drastic happens, I’m not going to leave on my own volition.”

You hear that, Sega? If you want rid of the man, you’re going to have to force him out.

The Man Who Won’t Leave Sega: Toshihiro Nagoshi [Gamasutra]

(Top photo by Luke Plunkett | Kotaku)


    • Or it could be a light hearted jab at his bad fake tan?

      Or is it a sunbed tan?

      Either way, he’s one very, very african looking asian.

      (See THATS racially undertoned…)

      • It’s a fake tan, he used to be normal looking before the Yakuza series really took off and he started either: Believing he is part Yakuza, part game nerd, or just full inducted into the Yakuza life style of fake tans, tats, fast cars and fast women. (I’d say the latter).

        Anyway, check out this normal photo of him when he was working on Shenmue.

        Interviewing porn stars for his games, probably does afford him a few luxuries other game developers don’t have.

        • Wow I forgot how different he used to look. WOW. In saying that Yakuza does play like a modern more focused but slightly less special Shenmue. I reckon the should use the Yakuza engine to make Shenmue 3 or reboot it. Spend less money on the filler crap though like opening every drawer.

    • Nothing racist about it. It’s something of an in-joke for people in the convention circuit that he looks like a walking leather jacket. Dude should seriously lay off the copper-tone and tanning beds.

  • Ive always seen yakuza as the spiritual successor to shenmue (RIP). Shame that YS has left the spotlight. Isnt it sega sammy now?

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