This MMA Fighter Is Bonkers For Skyrim

Jon Fitch (above, celebrating after a win) makes his living kicking the crap out of people. As one of the world's best mixed martial artists, he's top drawer at what he does. But when he's not fighting and not training, he's thinking. About Skyrim.

From the sound of it, even when he's training and kicking people in the nose, he's thinking about Skyrim. Fitch even created a Twitter account (@FitchSkyrimTale) dedicated to his experiences and exploits in Skyrim.

Tweets like "Snow bear vs frost troll = Awesome!" and "I climbed a water fall near markarth an found the lover stone. All skills improve faster. That's tits!"

It's a lot of minutia, as well as practical advice! And that's probably the point.

As of December 3, Fitch's Dark Elf is at Level 47. Fitch is slated to fight Johnny Hendricks on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. Something tells me that right now he's thinking more about hitting Level 50 than Hendricks...

And you thought Kotaku was obsessed with Skyrim. Ha!

Fitch is so obsessed with Skyrim he created a Twitter account dedicated to chronicling his adventures [Middle Easy]

Top photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty


    He will be fine in his fight if he has been watching bears v giants. He certainly has a somber way of celebrating though.

    Why should I care if some knucklehead likes a mediocre RPG?

      Why would I care what you think


    Remember that time we all found out that Vin Diesel was into D&D? This is better.

    The only thing I like about Jon Fitch is his decision to go with the Dark Elf race. He is a solid fighter, just not the most entertaining in his weight class.

    This idea needs to be explored more.. the ability to chronicle ones adventure in an RPG.. Especially with a game like Skyrim, where no two players will have the same experience.

    Would be cool if it could present your adventure like a book or something.

    Actually Dragon Age auto updates a web page for ya when you do stuff in the game. Dunno if it was in Dragon Age 2, never played it.

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