This Mod Makes Skyrim Look A Bit Like Minecraft

Alright folks, we all know there are a multitude of Skyrim mods out there, but this is cutting edge stuff: a mod that takes Skyrim back in time to a better place, a simpler time, when textures were stretched, blurry and didn't really look like that thing they were supposed to be. In other words — this mod makes Skyrim look a bit like Minecraft.

Personally I think it looks quite charming. But then again, I'm totally old.

Play Skyrim in Retro Graphics Mode [Gamers Nexus]

Thanks MMGN!


    Does it change dragons to creepers?

      Oh cos we need flying creepers don't we.


        Mod creator here. Who wants "Flying Creepers"?
        (Credit will go to CyK)

          I do, but only so I can watch everyone squirm when they hear the inevitable 'SSssSS'

    but... why???

      Because Minecraft. You need another reason?

        Eh this just looks broken the TF2 one looks way better

          That looks awful. skyrim devoid of any textures =/= TF2

          yeah what zingi said. this at least makes the world look more colourful and fun, the only fun based on that video you reposted from THIS VERY SITE is the music.

            From this site how, Kotaku didn't come up with it, nor is it kotaku's video.

            and if KotakUS posted it it's because half their posts are via reddit anyway.

            As for colorful, it only looks that way because the mod has made all the trees insanely bright.

            While the TF2 mod which isn't actually devoid of textures. It's a 1x1 version of the texture(Aka whatever the dominant color of the texture is) applied accross the entire surface to account for every pixel the object takes up

    Thats' F*n awesome!

    Although the creativeness is good ...... but why.....??

    The developers who spent years polishing the graphics and designing the textures to create a lifelike world just lost their rag and are hunting down the modders.

    Heads will roll if the Devs saw this haha

    Doesn't look Minecrafty at all.

    But I'd have to say, it does look more enjoyable.

    Does it reduce the specs needed to play it? If so, I would get it.

      Thats what I was thinkin!
      If this gives my low spec PC a few more fps I'm gonna use it.

    That looks pretty good. Except the sky, I like the moon/stars/aurora too much to want to change it

    I love it!

    I guess that makes me old too.

    *wanders off to play Exile III*

    Does this come in a HD texture pack version too?


    I just keep starring at the pictures waiting for mario to appear.

    I'd like to see how the NPC's look. 16-bit faces would make this the best thing ever.

    Oh my.

    That doesn't look like Minecraft at all? Looks more like a Borderlands cell shaded sort of style

    So does this make Minecraft a game worth playing all of a sudden?

    When they make a minecraft mod that looks like Skyrim, i'll be impressed.

    Minecraft? Of all things to use an example of retro graphics, you pick MINECRAFT? It doesn't even look particularly like it!
    Not to mention that these screenshots make it look as though the author ripped the graphics out of a few NEW games and slapped them onto the textures with no regard for appearance. Ugh.

    Reminds me of Zelda

    Sky is a bit overkill...

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