This Modern Warfare Missile Was Very Well-Fired

A missile "threads the needle" in Modern Warfare 3 in this amazing clip by YouTube user KingGreqo.

If you're ever wondering why you're getting killed so much playing MW3, it's because you're playing against people who can do this.

Threading the Needle [YouTube]


    It's clearly not clipping into any of that geometry. Just an example of the unrealism of the environment.

      Such a douche. It's a video game. Since when was their ever realism?

    Yep, player in the room had a hitbox marker around him..

    l33t h4x

    since its a hacked lobby, i put my money on it was an aimbot who managed to do that, not impressive at all and i hope he realises they have evidence on the net which would get hime banned

      are you retarded?

    Bad map was always bad, theres about as many dumb LOS things like this on Resistance as well.

    Threading the needle?

    No needle was thread at all. The missile clearly went straight through part of the radar thingy. Just like the other kill videos you see with knives travelling to the other end of a map, bouncing of the environment a couple of times and hitting a players leg for a kill. Pfft.

    I actually had a go of MW3 online over at a mates place last night and it is so fucking terrible it's embarrassing.

    why is cod so popular?

      I really don't know... I lost faith in the company after the whole "no dedicated servers' idiocy.. then they released a very unpolished BlackOps (I will forgo all the alternate names for this game..) I paid $80 for it then spent the next 6 hours with my jaw on the floor wondering how this game saw the light of day... horrible.. so very very horrible. Especially after thoroughly enjoying COD4 and MW1 (and despite the no dedicated servers) MW2.

      @Pakka, I'm happy to allow my games the artistic license to make wizards cast magic, Railguns fire giant beams of death, and cars fly... but missiles flying through objects that are clearly solid is not a "fantasy" element of a game that I find enjoyable... I call that a bug...

      /end rant

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