This PS Vita Game Has Panty Photography Blocking?

When you think of virtual bar hostess game Dream Club, you think of girls in micro outfits. You think of underpants galore.

The PS Vita Dream Club game, Dream Club Zero, isn't short on skivvies, but according to sister site Kotaku Japan, it apparently won't allow Vita owners to take screenshots of underpants.

It will supposedly allow in-game photos of revealing tops, but when you try to take a photo of underpants, the following message appears: "This screen cannot be photographed."

Photographed, no. Leered at, well, yes.

ピュアじゃない... [Kotaku Japan]


    Didn't even need to read the title to know this was a Bashcraft article.
    Do we really need articles like this on Kotaku? An article from Bashcraft every time a Japanese game involves panties?
    If I wanted toilet-reading quality news like this I'd go bash my head against a pole a few times and head over to Sankaku Complex.

      ....and if I wanted armchair editors complaining about articles they 'hate' but read and comment on anyway....

        I'm no wannabe editor. I just don't think crap like this is doing any good for the site's image.

    Guys... This is serious and disappointing news!

      I know right, how dare they stop people taking those pics :( its outrages


    Brian Ashcraft needs to flake off and start up a hentai blog or something. His posts are an embarrassment.

      To be fair, this is the best Bashcraft article i've read. It looks like he's used a spellchecker and everything.

    fuck japan, unblock the porn now!!!!

    Well there goes my purchase =<

    That is one of my main downsides of Japan, wtf is up with the porn there?

    who the hell would care about this... far from porn..

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