This Syndicate Trailer Is Starting To Make Me Anticipate The Shooter Despite Myself

This Syndicate Trailer Is Starting To Make Me Anticipate The Shooter Despite Myself

I love the idea of the new Syndicate game and I love the original Syndicate, but I’m still too hard-headed to accept the fact that the two will coexist as one, very new sort of game.

But playing it earlier this year and now diving deep into the game’s tech and toys, I’m starting to not care that this Syndicate won’t be like MY syndicate. That it won’t be a real-time isometric tactical shooter, just a shooter with tactics. Tactics and toys, just look at these toys.


  • I loved the old Syndicate (granted I did only play it on the Mega Drive, as I was young and didn’t have a PC back then), but this new one also kind of reminds me of a more ‘techy’ Deus Ex or something.

    Colour me interested.

  • It looks awesome. I just wish that games like this and XCOM didn’t feel like they were trying to erase the past games. Give it a subtitle, say it’s a new experience set in the Syndicate universe and I’ll love it.

    I know it sounds pretty dumb, but it kind of feels like just calling it “Syndicate” is saying “The new experience supplants the old and is the only valid Syndicate experience”.

    • Good points! I’m excited about this, but agree with you that they should give it a subtitle to indicate a new direction.

      Although that didn’t help Metal Gear Rising…

      • Indeed, just simply calling it ‘Syndicate’ isn’t helping their case. At least Squeenix called it ”DE: Human Revolution” instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

        ”Syndicate : Subtitle here” would’ve been better…

  • So they’ve reduced the persuadertron to just a self-kill, weapon detonate or “berserk” choice? No persauading people to join your side, gathering masses of civilians as a meat shield, or recruiting new agents?

    The more I see of this game the more it feels like a watering down of what made up Syndicate into Generic Sci-Fi shooter: Iteration 10000. I hope it’s just poor marketing and there is still the research, the body enhancements, and fun weapons of the original games. Despite what people say, Syndicate Wars was a lot of fun with Razor wire, nuclear grenades, stasis fields, robbing banks, building destruction, stealing cars, displacertrons, psycho gas and the chaos that could abound from putting it all together.

    I don’t mind that it’s an FPS, I just want the spirit of Syndicate to live on.

  • So a chip in your enemy’s head can make their weapon backfire? And your chip can cause others to heal? Does it make coffee and write poetry too?

    This ‘chip-based everything’ premise is wearing increasingly thin.

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