This Video Shows Just How Gorgeous Battlefield 3 Can Be

Watching Battlefield 3 like this makes me wish I had a PC to play it on. It looks great in slow motion. Watch it in full 1080p HD or else you will be losing half the beauty of the video.


    Running over a 100 FPS. Still get sniped by a guy running on low setting, then crash for some unrelated reason.

    How's that 3000$ investment going, bro.

      running low is pretty balls to be honest, the shadows are jaggy as hell, especally in an area like the centre of caspian border where there are heaps of trees.

      Yeah should get an xbox so I can have the red circle of death, or a PS3 so the blu-ray drive can shits its self

        Let's be honest though. Those problems are not that common. My Xbox hasnt red ringed in 3 years (since the last time) and my PC crashes to desktop quite frequently for unknown reasons.

        BF3 does obviously look better on PC, but it is pretty bloody impressive on Xbox too. You wouldn't a 6 year old PC to do that.

          "My Xbox hasnt red ringed in 3 years (since the last time)"

          "(since the last time)"

          That inspires confidence.

            I put that in on purpose, to be up front about it. Yes it happened and I was pissed at the time, but they fixed it for free and it's been fine since so I'm happy.

          Lets be honest. I've been running BF3 on my PC since launch and haven't had a single crash.

          Not every Xbox red-rings, not every PS3's drive shits itself, and not every PC crashes.

    This is basically how Battlefield 3 looks for me, 24" monitor with an ATI 6970 at the back. I love this game :]

    well we can clearly see that Dice and the blokes at EA put in a fair amount more effort than the chodes at Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Activision

      Yup, I personally saw one of them so enthusiastic about it that he would take home individual items he was working on to polish them if they were deemed completed at work. And he wasn't alone.

    Also my whole PC investment for $1500. Who would pay $3000 for a single rig?

      Yeah that whole 3000$ argument doesn't really make sense anymore, you dont need to spend any more than 1500 to get a kickass gaming rig, or even less if you don't need a monitor and crap.

        And if you were building a PC out of components as old as an XBOX306 or PS3 it wouldn't cost much more then you pay for a PS3.
        People also forget a PS3 cost around $1000 when they were first released.
        They also forget a PC does more then just play games, and quite a bit more then a console can do. Thinkgs like photo/video editing, music making/editing, programming (games aren't made on consoles)...... the list goes on.

        $3000 lol

          XBOX360, stupid phone

            It also requires research and some measure of handiness with electronics. There's also the chance you might get nasty little surprises like your brand of graphics card not being compatible with certain games and or features. You then have firmware issues sometimes right out of the box. And a plethora of other little issues that whilst easy to fix in isolation, can become a nightmare with a custom constructed PC. And even if the problems are simple, added up they become a frustrating experience.

            People know you can do this with a PC, they know it's not 3 grand to do, but most people just want to play the game. I have a Mac (for my design, music, tv shows, and internet) and the consoles (for games) because all of the above work all the time, every time. When I bought this iMac I switched it on and within 15 minutes was using it as if it had been operational for months. On the other hand the last time I had a windows-based laptop it took me 3 days to get everything working properly.

            And as for PS3 and Xbox, I buy a game knowing it will run the exact same way as everyone else's when I put it in the disc tray. For me, even though as a designer I am a graphics enthusiast, It's just not worth the potential hassle of setting up a gaming rig just to get better graphics on a smaller selection of games.

            And I speak for many people who chose console over PC as well. It's not a Us vs. Them thing, it's just a matter of preference and time willing to be invested.

              If it had taken you 3 days to get your computer back to normal, step away from the PC and go back to your mac. Stay simple. Who says you have to build your own box? There are still computer stores that can build you PC, the last I heard.

              Yes, consoles are simple, and great for those who lack time. But enthusiasts? time is not the matter to them. It's the getting it right the first time and being proud of it.

              Well said. I'm a computer enthusiast, so I actually enjoy being able to put in a little more time and effort tinkering around with my PC in order to get the best out of my games. Sure, there are frustrations (everyone knows that feeling of dread when you put together a new computer, plug it in, press the power button and nothing happens...) but in the end it's worth it for an experience that looks better, is more customizable, easier to play, and easier to upgrade.

              Each to his own! Some people are too lazy/ignorant to maintain their own rig so they stick to consoles/macs - a slightly inferior gaming experience for a lot less hassles. I understand completely.

                I wouldn't say it's laziness, you may choose to be really interested in computers whereas I obsess over things like music. It's just different spheres of interest, and a finite number of hours in the day to indulge them.

                  I've always been both a PC gamer and console gamer. It was nice going from my IRQ conflicts to my Super Famicom. It meant less work and I could simply play.

                  I can't do that now. I buy a game for PC, I take it home. I install the game, do the patches, yell at the government for the shitty internet connection. Then maybe, if I'm lucky, I can play.

                  The sad thing is, this is now true of my console games. There's no such thing as simply putting it in and playing anymore. That's why the Super Famicom is the most played games machine in my house.

    I have both an X360 and decent PC. After seeing the demo on Xbox, I bought it on PC without hesitation. Xbox is great for some games though, just not FPS. I have enjoyed many an hour in Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and GOW3.

    I think this video makes it look much more beautiful.

      Awe inspiring.

    Tis a shame that this game got no awards at the VGA's.

    But then again those awards can't compare to the over 60 awards they got from E3.

      It is a shame, but no real loss at all, the VGA's to me is like the gaming equivalent to the MTV awards, it doesn't reward quality, but rather based on popularity, i mean if it were serious, they wouldnt Tea bag someone on stage would they?

    This is..............amazing. Purely amazing. I own all the consoles, all the handhelds currently available and a decent PC.

    And yet I don't yet own BF3.

    I feel ashamed.

    This actually convinced me to go buy this right now. Back soon guys.

    I come in meh, I leave with meh, with a pinch of the why do I bother reading comments?

      Unrealised masochistic tendencies?

    Jesus - I need to get this game. Its nearly photo-realistic.

    no offense to any non-PC person, but youd have to be retarded to have any srs problems, like my gfx card isnt compatible or some crap its all easy to figure out and 1+1 logic, all this just want to play the game not spend all this time updating drivers or something all you people dont know what your talking about and just assume these things with pcs, when in reality its a piece of cake to figure out

      "no offense but it's easy to get a PC working perfectly and you're all idiots who can't"

      Don't abuse the "no offense" tag, please.

    apparently the ps3 version framerate is so bad it gives people headaches? is this true?

      No. Nor do I believe that a narrow FOV gives PC users headaches.

      But the framerate is 30fps. Some people claim they can't deal with that. I would prefer a higher framerate, but I'm not going to go and claim I get a headache from a low one.

    Logically, it isn't possible that I can run BF3 on Ultra, smoothly, on a rig that a friend built for me for $550AU, but hey, screw logic. IMMA DO IT ANYWAY!

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