This Week In The Business: 'Nintendo Has Been Left For Dead'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Nintendo has been left for dead." — Asif Khan, CEO of Panoptic Management Consultants talks about investors' stance on Nintendo and whether Miyamoto leaving Nintendo would affect the stock.

QUOTE | "Our games industry is shockingly immature." — Epic Games president Mike Capps, referring to the lack of business experience so many game industry execs have.

QUOTE | "Companies that continue to rely on the old model will die off." — EA COO Peter Moore talking about how games are going digital and whether companies that don't change their ways will make it.

STAT | 10 billion — Number of Android downloads since the Android market launched in 2008.

QUOTE | "Mario will prevail without his creator." — Analysts talk about the impact on Nintendo when Shigeru Miyamoto does take a smaller role or retires completely one day.

QUOTE | "Gears 3 is not much of a system seller." — Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter doesn't buy into the argument that Gears of War 3 helps Microsoft sell more Xbox 360 hardware.

QUOTE | "PC gaming basically will move to the cloud." — Kevin Chou, CEO of social developer Kabam, talking about where hardcore gaming is going in the future.

QUOTE | "I'm pretty confident single-player still has a real big market." — Veteran designer Ken Rolston, when asked about his new game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

QUOTE | "Gears of War was the first killer app for Xbox 360." — Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer on how the franchise is hugely important for Microsoft.

QUOTE | "Uncharted 3 gameplay is more hardcore than casual." — Billy Pidgeon, M2 Research analyst on Uncharted 3's importance to Sony..

QUOTE | "EA will develop the hell out of SimCity." — Unnamed sources talking about how EA — following Sims Social — intends to overthrow Zynga's CityVille.

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    Hahaha, did you make this shit up?

      Since Ninty's stock has dropped by more than 50 percent year on year since 2008, I'd say reality bares that headline out.

    “I’m pretty confident single-player still has a real big market.”
    Is that meaning that its dying out or he really thinks it has a big market?
    I prefer single player games over Multiplayer any day

    “Our games industry is shockingly immature.” — Epic Games president Mike Capps, referring to the lack of business experience so many game industry execs have.

    Good, while I realise the idea of anything in this day and age not becoming a business is a pipedream, the less it is the better. I despise that games are business, as music and film have also become. Obviously there's a difference between owning a guitar and bringing entertainment to people and the cost it takes to make a video game, but there's still a line to walk, if you're getting into game development for money you're doing it wrong, most actors and musicians love their work (at least initially), which unfortunately seems to be something lost on the games industry.

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