This Week's Cosplay Round-up Is All Men, Women & Animals

Skyward Sword. Aion. League of Legends. Mortal Kombat. They're just some of the video game franchises represented in this week's Fancy Pants cosplay roundup, alongside what I'm pretty sure is the segment's first ever animal cosplay.

As in, not a person dressing up as an animal, but an animal dressed up as a video game character.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.

As seen on paul375.

As seen on the-mirror-melts.

As seen on KICKAcosplay.

As seen on Yuriko-san.

As seen on JamieCool.

As seen on yokomont.

As seen on Eressea-sama.

As seen on Knorke-chan.

As seen on CosmicAngelSephiroth.

As seen on UlyKompean.

As seen on SamiEggPower.

As seen on JennyJinya.


    The Dog one and the last one is pure awesome. But more about the dog. I'm guessing it's from Okamiden because the dog is too small to be Amaterasu.
    I'd love to make my dog cosplay except he's a black border collie and the one in Fable was brown =(

    Can the Amaterasu one really be counted as Cosplay when most of it is photoshopped in?

    If you want a real Ameterasu puppet, check this out:
    These guys won the Madman Australian National Cosplay Championships this year, so you know this stuff is legit!

    Is Squall rocking a mullet? Awesome.

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